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Nowadays, online gaming has become a great source of entertainment. If we take recent statistics into account, more than one million individuals, out of the entire population, are online gamers. Gaming developers try many different new tactics to make online gaming apps and websites stand out in the industry. As a result, Gamezy online play and GetMega have come into existence. These online gaming platforms provide many different games including sports-based games, skill-based games, casual games as well as trivia games. To gear up the excitement among gaming enthusiasts, the app provides many real money rewards to players. 

Players can take part in various matches and tournaments organised by these gaming platforms and earn different rewards. By doing so, gamers can earn some extra cash in their free time. Also, these games help individuals to develop new skills and strategies. Here we will discuss the games offered by Gamezy online play and GetMega along with other aspects of these gaming platforms. 

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Gamezy online play is a fantasy sports platform that houses different types of games. On this platform, players can enhance their playing skills by mastering the strategies in cricket tournaments and events. Further, this gaming app helps individuals to excel in getting more rewards by playing the tournaments. Gamezy also provides the methods by which one can learn the games making it an ideal gaming platform for newbies. Besides cricket, the app provides games including 8 ball pool, rummy, sheep fight, run boy run and fruit slice. Though cricket is the primary game featured on this app, the platform does not limit the number of players for a particular contest. The users just need to create a fantasy team of 11 playing players. Gamezy, like other video gaming platforms, allows only real players. If someone tries to join this platform using multiple accounts, the expert team will block all the accounts. Further, with Gamezy, gamers can win referral bonuses. By referring a code to friends or family, players can build a network of referrals and win a chance to earn money. 

After downloading Gamezy, one can get bonus cash. The app also features an intriguing leaderboard with which one can enjoy a playing experience and earn real money. Gamezy’s leaderboard helps people with accurate scores and ranks thus eventually giving them an idea about their ranking order. On this platform, to participate in the game, one must join a particular tournament or match. After joining, one can play the games available on its portal. One thing to note about Gamezy’s leaderboard is that it entirely depends on the task and winning competence of the players. Talking about the interface, the app’s developers have built an aesthetically pleasing one. Providing an easy, intriguing and intuitive experience, there is no denying that Gamezy’s UI is also seamless and simple. Further, with intriguing offers and outstanding functionalities, the gaming app offers simple gameplay. 


GetMega is an online gaming app providing a variety of exciting games based on three main genres: Cards, Casual and Trivia. Here players can participate in games like Poker, Rummy, GoPool, Carrom, Warship, PickMe, 123 and GK. With its referral programs and sign-up bonuses, this app is considered to be the most rewarding gaming platform in India. GetMega offers different referral programs to players on the basis of two conditions. First, if a person wants to refer this platform to someone, the person must be from the referee’s contact book. Second, the referral and referee must play at least one game in video-chat mode to redeem the reward which can be worth up to Rs.10. Further, GetMega offers Rs.5 as a sign-up bonus to individuals who have signed up for the first time on this platform. 

Like many other gaming apps or websites, GetMega also gives access to only real and verified players. The developers of this app carefully monitor the details of all the players and cross-check those data with their Google or Facebook accounts. If they find any detail to be suspicious, the expert team of GetMega would terminate the registration procedure of the player in real-time. The 24×7 leaderboards of this gaming app also offer a great opportunity for players to earn exciting prizes and gadgets. By contesting different matches and tournaments, you can win real cash up to Rs.100,000 based on your performance on the leaderboard. Gaming developers of this app have designed the User Interface brilliantly. Its clean and user-friendly User Interface provides a marvellous gaming experience to the players. The UI of GettMega is also intuitive in nature making it easier for players to interact with the games and earn real money. In addition, the app provides horizontal and vertical gameplays based on the types of games one opts to play. For instance, if you want to play Rummy and GoPool, the app provides horizontal gameplay and if you want to play Warship, Carrom and Poker, GetMega will offer vertical gameplay. 

Now that you know all about the games and rewards of Gamezy play online and GetMega, play amazing games on these platforms and win attractive rewards.

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