Top 5 Best Video Games of All Time

So Here  I am Sharing my as when people are playing game on PC and Mobile game that here so I am providinglist of games here for Top  best Video games play all time in Pc and Mobile.

1) PUBG Game

PUBG Mobile’s initial release was limited to iOS and Android smartphones. Now, the hugely popular battle royale title has finally made its way to Nintendo Switch.

PUBG Mobile will provide players with access to all the core features including maps, game modes, features and more.

PUBG Mobile has been optimized for the mobile and PC. It will offer a more immersive gameplay experience when compared to other handheld gaming consoles.

2) Free Fire Game

SEGA hosted a live stream for their upcoming indie title from the makers of Explosive Golf, Free Fire. The game is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi gunfight with an emphasis on realism. As you can tell from the gameplay video above, the developers wanted to convey a vibe of authenticity and seriousness in the title. It’s a fascinating take on the free-fire genre and a fun addition to the genre. I highly recommend giving it a watch.

This is what one Steam reviewer had to say about the game: Free Fire Game Download for PC

The firefights are rough and ruthless but you’re not really

3) Hitman 3 Game

Hitman 3 Game Download is almost here. Development is currently in full swing on the much anticipated follow-up to 2016’s Hitman. Despite developer IO Interactive’s failure to announce a release date for the game during its 2016 Comic-Con panel, the game’s existence is no longer in question. So now we get to see more of it.

IO Interactive has today released  for the game, which you can Download below:

The trailer shows off the game’s “in-depth narrative,” which will apparently focus on Agent 47’s history. It also gives us a sneak peek at his new custom 9mm pistol, which we can expect to see in-game. Other features shown off in the trailer include a new weather system and a “robust and flexible AI.

4) Forza Horizon 4 Game

Forza Horizon 4 is a hot title in the console world as it is scheduled for launch on October 2. Now, just a few days before the game is released, a bunch of new screenshots have been revealed by a German retailer, which we’ve found out is retailer Amazon Germany. The listing was spotted by WCCFTech. The big new feature in the game is dynamic seasons that will switch up gameplay based on the changing weather and conditions, with each season offering new activities, characters, and even vehicles.

5) Minecraft Game

We love the explosion of art we see in Minecraft. Most of the textures, models, sound effects and music are hand crafted. And the level of detail in the game is overwhelming at times. Minecraft also has a very laid back style of art that makes it stand out. It is so weird and cartoon-esque that it stands out from other popular games.

Video Games need art. That is very clear. However, it is not always obvious just how much work goes into making the art in games. Minecraft is a perfect example of this, showing how much is done by hand. It might be really obvious, but to create something like Minecraft, this is not easy to do. Not to mention it has been shown to completely change the way we hear music.

Every bit as important as the actual design of the game is the audio. Minecraft has some of the most beautiful musical and sound design of any game.


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