Why You Should Employ A Professional to Recharge or Replace Refrigerant In Your HVAC

Many people are wondering if they need to recharge or replace their refrigerant now that summers are in full bloom in Dubai.

“Why does my air conditioner need an additional refrigerant?” a frequently asked question. The explanation is simple: there is a leak in the refrigerant line someplace. If you’re running low on refrigerant, be sure your technician locates and repairs the leak rather than simply “filling it off.”

You should never run out of refrigerant because it functions in a closed loop. You may need more refrigerant if your air conditioner is spewing warm air, but first, you must fix the leak.

My Air Conditioner Uses What Type of Refrigerant?

The sort of refrigerant you can use is determined by the unit’s age, make, and model. If your air conditioner was built before 2010, it most likely uses the HCFC-22 i.e., R22 refrigerant gas.

R-22 refrigerant is still used to service existing air conditioners. R-410A (also known as 410A, Westron®) is a common ozone-friendly refrigerant.

On the nameplate on the external condenser, the refrigerant used in your air conditioner is normally indicated.

Why Should I Pay A Professional to Recharge My Refrigerant?

Simply put, refrigerant is exceedingly hazardous, and its usage is governed by numerous laws. Toxicity, asphyxiation, flammability,  blindness, and other health and physical dangers are all potential concerns of handling refrigerants.

Help You Protect Yourself from Dangerous Situations

Having a professional install your system can also keep you safe from harm. You must work with both power and refrigerant when building a ductless heating and cooling system. 

Both of these items are potentially hazardous, and if you make a mistake during the installation, your entire property could be jeopardized.

Prevents Mistakes

Things may, and frequently do, go wrong when you take a do-it-yourself method. However, with skilled installation, the odds of mistakes are greatly reduced. The refrigerant specialists must complete comprehensive training in order to obtain their licenses. 

They must also participate in continuing education to stay current on new equipment and industry trends.

When you purchase a refrigerant from Westron, and employ their installation technician, you are hiring a professional that has received more training than practically anyone else in the industry. 

These specialists must complete in-person and online training sessions to earn this elite rank. They must also obtain extensive field experience and meet a number of additional requirements.

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