Hair Loss and Hair Implant Solution in Chemotherapy

Hair loss is one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy treatment and thus people often look for bob wig and any other type. One of the reasons for hair loss in chemotherapy is the drugs used in general. The dosage and amount of use of the drug to be applied during chemotherapy are effective in hair loss. However, hair loss in chemotherapy is a temporary condition due to the side effects of drugs.

When is the hair loss in chemotherapy?

The shedding recurs as long as you use medication, but the hair comes back a very short time after the chemotherapy ends. Hair starts to grow normally in the 2nd month after chemotherapy treatment and growth is observed. The first hair that grows looks like a very fine feather. For this reason, it is recommended to reset the hair that comes first.

Preventing hair loss in chemotherapy

People who receive chemotherapy should keep their morale high. Wigs, bonnets or bandanas were traditionally used to make a positive contribution to the treatment. However, such solutions can sometimes turn into torment for the person.

Wearing a wig from a bad brand can cause itching, redness, and irritation on the sensitive scalp of the person. In addition, the person may feel uncomfortable. The wig can give a feeling of slipping on the head, being heavy and unnatural. It can make the person feel worse. 

How to be helped in the post-chemotherapy period?

You can find a solution with prosthetic hair as soon as hair loss begins during the chemotherapy process. Using hair prosthesis during hair loss in chemotherapy can be a nice, easy and healthy decision for you. No surgical intervention on prosthetic hair is important for chemotherapy treatment.

What is Prosthetic Hair?

Prosthetic hair; It is a method of re-scattering the person who suffers from hair loss for various reasons. Prosthetic hair is an application that takes about 2-3 months. During this period, no change or special situation occurs in the life of the person performing the procedure.

One of the most beautiful and advantageous aspects of hair prosthesis is that the person continues his life as he wishes. It will only be sufficient to determine the time of the process.

Using Prosthetic Hair During Chemotherapy

The person needs to maintain his private and social life during chemotherapy. “How do I look during the chemotherapy process?” the situation becomes more delicate.

Due to hair loss, some people receive psychological support during the chemotherapy process. They have a self-esteem problem. The person feels happy during chemotherapy with prosthetic hair.

New Hair Support in Chemotherapy

New Hair, we serve patients with hair loss in chemotherapy with our specialists who have received special training. In New Hair, products that are completely compatible with the person and skin health are used in all applications. New Hair offers safe solutions for temporary hair loss during chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Special Prosthetic Hair for Chemotherapy Patients

New Hair gives you new natural-looking hair instead of your lost hair to provide the moral support you need in this period. There is no need for any medical intervention in the New Hair prosthetic hair system. However, a hair that has a perfect result is applied.

With the interview you will make with the New Hair expert team, your hair is made, and the length and colour you want are determined and prosthetic hair is produced for you. With New Hair hair prostheses, you can easily take a shower and swim. You can blow dry your hair. As New Hair, we want to ease your burden in chemotherapy treatment processes. Although one may consider real hair wigs as a cheaper solution and ook very natural.

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