Why You Should Call a Criminal Lawyer in Sydney

Criminal court procedures in Sydney can be highly confusing. Sydney has a crime rate of 1445.1 per 100,000 people. So the state and the police department have strict procedures to keep crime in check. The principles of criminal law vary significantly from that of civil and other laws. 

Usually, punishments and penalties for criminal cases are more severe. So if you face criminal charges, it’s best to contact criminal lawyers Sydney at the earliest. These experts deal with criminal cases every day and can help you build a strong defence. Look for lawyers who specialise in criminal law.

Sydney’s Criminal Law

The Crimes Act 1900 sets out crimes, offences, and associated punishments in NSW. A person commits a crime when they commit an act against another individual or community in general. The person who commits the crime is given a punishment or a penalty based on the severity of the crime. 

The magistrate or judge will decide whether the accused has committed a crime and the appropriate punishment. Less severe offences like property damage and driving offences are usually taken to the local court. 

However, violent crimes like murder and common assault may even require private prosecution. 

Why Call a Criminal Lawyer

Criminal offences usually involve many parts, called the “elements of the offence.” The prosecution must prove “beyond reasonable doubt” that you committed the crime in order to get you convicted.  Hence, the guidance and support of experts who have deep knowledge of criminal law are essential. 

Knowledge of Criminal Law

Criminal lawyers in Sydney have the required experience and expertise to handle criminal cases. They are clear on the concepts of:

  • What qualifies as a crime in Sydney?
  • Who can be charged with criminal offences?
  • Who can charge a person with criminal punishments? and,
  • The best defence for each type of crime

These lawyers also understand the maximum penalties for each type of crime. For instance, life imprisonment is the most severe form of criminal punishment in Sydney. 

Similarly, the value of one penalty unit in Sydney is $110, and one penalty unit is 17 crimes. Non-professionals may not understand the complexities and intricacies associated with these crimes.

Experience and Expertise

Sydney criminal lawyers deal with similar criminal cases every day and are well versed in defence strategies and arguments. These experts have considerable experience speaking to judges and other court officials. They can argue your case in local courts and private prosecution procedures. 

Driving offences, larceny, destroying or damaging property, common assault, administration of drugs, aggravated burglary, arson, and assault offences are the most common types of crimes in Sydney. 

For the best results, you must look for a criminal lawyer who has experience dealing with the specific type of crime you have been charged with.

Litigation Services

Criminal cases, including cases relating to non-violent crimes and white-collar crimes, are usually settled in court. 

So you will need the representation services of a criminal lawyer who is well versed in court representation procedures. Your criminal lawyer may also be able to help with settlement and pre-settlement procedures.

 Look for a criminal lawyer with a proven track record for representing and winning criminal cases in Sydney. A criminal record impacts the social, financial, and personal aspects of a person’s life. So it’s crucial to get the best criminal lawyer in Sydney to argue your case. 

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