Why Website Maintenance Services is Unavoidable for your Business Website

It is clear to anyone that if one does not deal closely with any business, does not immerse oneself in the process, does not devote due time and attention, then it is pointless to expect special results from such an undertaking.

The situation is similar with any website: if you do not work on it, then it does not work as it should.

The desire to pay attention to the website disappears for various reasons, objective and subjective, for example, due to:

  • lack of time
  • lack of knowledge in the technical part (on setting up hosting, writing non-standard modules, security monitoring and other aspects)
  • lack of knowledge in the organizational part (on the intricacies of setting up and launching advertising campaigns, search and Social media marketing promotion, etc.)

Especially for such cases, professional website design company in Dubai offers complex or individual website maintenance services Dubai. This may include the following tasks:

  • Content Creation
  • Speed ​​up website loading
  • Page design and development
  • Development and/or placement of additional forms
  • SEO optimization
  • Promotion in social media
  • Setting up and maintaining advertising campaigns
  • Hosting technical work
  • Backup (creating backups)

And a number of specific tasks for the business segment (including eCommerce web design Dubai):

  • Integration with other systems (CRM, ERP, delivery services, payment aggregators, etc.)
  • Detailed settings for filters in directories
  • Transferring data from one CMS system to another (not always required)
  • Conducting and organizing promotional campaigns

But what happens if the previously launched website is left “as is”, without web maintenance?

Consider the situation in the context of “progress” (or it would be more correct to say “regression”).

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After one month without website maintenance services Dubai

It would seem that nothing bad should happen in such a short time, even if you do not publish new materials, do not get into the “engine” code, do not check the site for viruses, do not moderate comments (if they are included at all).

But it’s not.

Reducing the influx of contextual and targeted ads will reduce not only the number of visitors. It will hit sales – at first (although it all depends on the resource itself and the previously implemented strategy for its SEO promotion).

Sometimes a month is enough for attackers to gain access to the site, taking advantage of the discovered vulnerabilities just at that time. Yes, it is possible that a hacker attack will not occur this particular month, but without active website maintenance services Dubai of the website, one cannot be 100% sure of the opposite.

At this time, it is still quite easy to return the site to the “operation” and restore the influx of the audience. The professional website design company in Dubai can even bring forward experience and offer a more efficient approach to project development.

After 3 months without site maintenance

The most dangerous thing for a business , whose face is the site, is the lack of updating prices and trade offers . After all, buyers are looking for them, they compare and choose the most attractive offers for themselves. Sales will definitely “sink” – by the end of the third month it will become more than noticeable.

After several updates to the search results, search engines will pay attention to the lack of new materials on the site, which can lead to the site being downgraded for individual queries. This is especially true for high-frequency queries, where many factors are evaluated, including behavioral ones. Coupled with a decrease in traffic from additional sources, without comprehensive web maintenance , the site will begin to lose visitors from organic search as well.

All this will be complicated by the activity of competitors. During your inactivity, they can revise the strategy and push your site out of the tops for important keywords. The stronger the competition, the more difficult it will be to return to their original positions.

After six months without website maintenance services Dubai

Six months is already a long time. During this time, search engines may announce another innovation that will affect the issuance of sites that are not technically ready for it (as was the case with loading speed and support for mobile devices).

You can already forget about a number of high-frequency queries in search results, it will be difficult to catch up. You will have to invest extra money in order to return the website ranking in the search. At the same time, you should not hope for a quick result – it takes from 3 to 6 months to achieve the initial positions. Considering that the site has already been idle for half a year, it will turn out that the whole year was thrown “down the drain”, despite the resumption of the website maintenance services Dubai.

After one year without site website maintenance services

In one year, the engine code will become very obsolete. Not to mention the “holes” in security. Positions in the issue will drop to a minimum. All additional traffic sources will have to be restored from scratch.

It turns out that the service of complex site maintenance will cost 50-100% more than six months ago.

There is another point that concerns completely abandoned resources. Timely non-renewal of the domain (once a year) will lead to the fact that the site will become unavailable. And hosting, even if it was paid for a year in advance, will finally cease to operate (the result is similar).

After three years without site maintenance and beyond

Of course, the decision for each project is made individually, but for sites that have not been maintained for more than 3 years, in most cases it is easier to do everything from scratch than to try to restore past developments.

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