Which Fire Extinguisher Best Suits Your Needs?

When developing a good and effective fire protection plan, as well as correctly equipping the rooms, it is essential to know the characteristics and the appropriate time to use each of the available materials. Among them, the best known and most used is the fire extinguisher.

We can differentiate fire extinguishers of various types, depending on the substance to put out the fire they contain:

– ABC powder fire extinguishers. They receive this name for their validity to extinguish fires of type A (solid), type B (liquids) and type C (gases). They are the most widely used, thanks to their great ability to smother fire and can be used in areas with electrical current.

– Water extinguishers. These are used in situations of type A fire (that is, solids), but never in situations with the presence of electric current. They are cheaper and have a greater capacity for cooling the environment. If the extinguisher is a water spray, it can also be used against type B fires.

– CO2 fire extinguishers (Carbonic Anhydride). They are suitable for type A, B and C fires. This type of substance does not conduct electricity as it is an inert gas, it is also clean and leaves no residue.

– Finally, fire extinguishers made of physical foam, with good cooling and suitable for type A and B fires.

Thus, depending on each need, you can select one type of extinguisher or another. For example, powder extinguishers are suitable for buildings, houses and offices, while gas extinguishers are suitable for areas with very valuable and delicate material that cannot be damaged.

At GCTL we provide you with variable extinguishers depending on the substance and size, so that you can choose the one that best suits your situation. Don’t forget that all our fire extinguishers have a 5-year warranty.

How to use fire signage

When designing and planning a correct action plan in the event of fires, specialized signage is essential. In fact, it is designed in order to inform, with the greatest possible clarity, the location of the fire fighting and prevention teams as well as to guide them towards the closest and most accessible escape routes.

The options available for signage are several, differentiated according to their color and shape:

– Red signs with a square or rectangular design, those designed to indicate danger and show the location of materials and equipment against a fire. These change according to the message (extinguisher, alarm button, fire hydrant …).

– Green signs indicate help in a dangerous situation, so they are used at doors and exits from buildings, as well as at rescue or aid stations.

– Yellow signs drawn with triangles to convey a warning or caution in a dangerous situation.

– Finally, the blue color in a circle is a sign of obligation. That is, concrete actions to follow to maintain security and protection.

The indications that must be taken into account in the use of fire-fighting signs, according to the UNE standards, are essential for a correct implementation of an action or prevention plan:

  1. First, you have to select the size. This varies depending on the distance between the sign and the signposted object.
  2. Signs must be clear and easy to understand, in such a way that they attract the attention of users. In addition, it must be possible to view them from any point in the room where an evacuation may occur.
  3. They should be placed as close as possible to the indicated object. In case the visualization is not good for this, the direction to be able to reach it will be indicated.
  4. The signs must be perfectly illuminated at all times, so that if the lighting fails, the sign has a built-in light source that is, by itself, photoluminescent.
  5. Do not forget that emergency exit signs are absolutely mandatory on doors that are exclusively arranged for it.

Finally, it is important to bear in mind that the periodic review of the evacuation plan as well as the available materials is mandatory and convenient. Furthermore, the assembly of the signs must be done by a duly authorized company «INSTALLER» of fire protection systems and means, such as GCTL.

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