What May Be Turning Youths From Your Classical Music Concerts?

Written by PacificChorale

Ever wondered why the youths don’t attend classical music concerts Orange County in large numbers? There are many reasons behind this and we will look at the main ones.

Everyone wants to sit down

Everyone wants to sit down for long periods of hours in classical music concerts. Music concert patrons in classical events only stand up and go to the bar to order some drinks. This is the only movement you will see at classical music events and that time when people have to go to the toilet after drinking. This environment is not suitable for majority of the youths. Youths wants to stand, dance and make some noise.

They would rather prefer to go to raves where you don’t have to sit down. You will be considered to be doomed if you attempt to sit down. Your backpack is your bar. You just have to put your drinks in your backpack and straws to your mouth. Another option is to hold your drink in your hand and dance around as you make noise. You will go where you want.

The podium conductor is the only person who can lift hands

In classical music concerts, you cannot lift up your hands aimlessly. Only the conductor on the podium can do so. The emergency or security people can eject you from the concert if you dare lift up your arms. Youths find this boring. They won’t find classical music concerts Los Angeles to be entertaining. The youths want an environment where the DJ waves their hands in the air and participants reciprocate by waving theirs.

You are not allowed to eat during classical music concerts

This is actually a turnoff for most youths. In some classical music concerts, you are forbidden to eat pizza, sausages, hot dogs and any other types of foods. If you do, you will be kicked out. The youths want to eat. They spend a lot of energy dancing and they have to regain that energy by eating. They want concerts where they can eat hot dogs, crisps, pizza among other things.

Most of the things discussed above are turnoffs for the youths. But this doesn’t mean that the youths don’t have a place in classical music concerts. There are still many reasons that could attract the youths to classical music concerts. The youths who want to enjoy a sparkling reception and be served with nice wine in fancy glasses could still find a place in classical music events.

I have seen several classical music concerts Los Angeles filled with youths. Some youths don’t want the noisy and rowdy rave things. They want a cool environment where they can have a nice time; an event where no one will overwhelm you. It is also a good idea to go to classical concerts with your friends and sit around a table and have some serious conversations. Classical music events are a perfect place to take your boyfriend or girlfriend for a date because you can get to know each other well. Everyone above 18 years can go to classical events.

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