Want to Study in Great Universities? Erasmus can be your Admit Card

Everyone wants to have the best of education. Check.

They want to have their education from the great universities in the world. Check.

But these top ranking universities burn a deep hole in your pockets as the budget demands for studying abroad is exponentially high. Not checked? Don’t worry. Erasmus program is just the right suggestion for you. It can offer you direct entry to your college of dreams at marginal prices.

Established in 1987, Erasmus program stands for European community action scheme for the mobility of university students. It is a student exchange program offered by European Union (EU). Till date, there are over 4,000 institutions of higher education form 37 countries which are part of Erasmus with over 4 million students benefitting from it. It is available to students of tertiary level as well as higher secondary students.

As a part of Erasmus, students are exempted from paying tuition fees. Some of the expenses incurred by living abroad are also covered by the program. Disabled students have extra grants available for them to be taken. Erasmus is a paradigm of a cultural phenomenon at its best. The students are from different cultural and socio-political backgrounds and when they mix and mingle, they bring in new problem-solving attitude, negotiation skills, and communication channels in the generation pool.

The top universities ranking Europe look forward to changing the European identity to one of international appeal and global standards. It visions for a leadership which is representative of not just one country but is an accumulative force from the best features and attributes from around the world. They have also started calling such students from a different epithet nowadays- Erasmus generation.

Some of the universities that you can study in through these programs are the United Kingdom, Turkey, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Denmark. To study in great universities of the world, situated in any of these countries can be a dream come true for many students and if that is at a price affordable- then nothing can be better than that.

Studying in top ranking universities is one thing. Studying in world-class universities with some of the best minds in the world is another. It opens new opportunities of studying in another country, getting to interact with students of different cultures and languages, pushing yourself out form the comfort zone, and always striving to be a better-educated human being and tolerant citizen of the word.

Losing yourself in such life-changing experiences can be exhilarating at one time and daunting the next. You have the once-in-a-lifetime-chance to feel connected to the world and also get to know the world from different perspectives of different people. It’s no wonder the students who want to study abroad are in love with this exchange roam and it is only getting better with the passing years as the world gets smaller and students’ aims higher.

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