Tips to Bake a Perfect Cake

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Written by sofia

With the mixture of eggs, butter, milk, sugar, flavour, and flour arises the most alluring thing, which we know as cake. Cake is one of the yummiest thing ever created, it just has that perfect balance of flavours, satiating your sweet tooth.

We all prefer to have that perfect cake which is soft and delicious, but baking a cake is not an easy thing. There are several problems associated with baking. For this reason, many prefer to buy cake from the bakeries or order online which can deliver to any of the location. As baking on your own is a handful task and requires some effort and care, so, opt for cake delivery in Zirakpur or any other place with just one click and have it at the doorstep of the receiver on the same day of occasion.

Let’s look at several problems associated with cake baking.

  • First thing to see is that there isn’t any crack or peak, which could emerge because of several reasons. It could be because of rising agent being added excessively during preparation, which has risen, the cake beyond expected. Another reason could be the tin, be sure to use a tin of adequate size, as improper size won’t be able to hold the cake as it rises and bakes. An ideal size helps for the cake to set well and not overflow. One more reason for any crack or peak to be present would be the temperature. Make sure the temperature is at optimum level while baking or it won’t bake effectively and set properly.
  • Sometimes the cake gets stuck within the tin, and it is hard to remove it without any crack. This common problem could be avoided by applying some grease around the tin or you can also use Parchment paper. This paper ensures that your cake will come out of the tin without any problem.
  • Another problem faced quite often is air bubbles. Air bubbles occur if cake batter has been left in the oven for too long. On top of the cake such bubbles rise while baking. To avoid it, the oven has to be kept on preheat before placing the cake batter inside. Place the cake batter immediately in baking dish and keep it in the oven so the cake is prepared properly.
  • Many times, the cakes’ edges remain soggy and aren’t baked well. This happens when it is left in the container or tin for longer period after baking. The edges start to attract and condensate the moisture leaving it soggy. So to avoid such situation you should cool down the cake upon cooling rack. This way it cools down to room temperature.
  • Sometimes the cake edges get crusty. This occurs if you have applied too much grease upon the tin. So, the sides get fried up and give you crusty edges, which is not what cake should be like, it has to be utterly soft. So apply grease to a moderate level as per the requirement. This problem occurs if the cake is overcooked or if improper amount of fat is used for the purpose of baking.

Making a soft and delicious cake requires some skill and precision, which professional bakers have, which is why most of us prefer to order cake online or buy from shop.

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