Tips for Buying Good Quality Moringa Tea Online

Moringa tea from the Philippines is a great way to experience the wonderful taste of this exotic leaf. Moringa tea from Asia has long been known for its health benefits, and now you can find an entire range of products containing this leaf that is ideal for pan-drying and other culinary treatments. Moringa is a large evergreen shrub that grows wild in the tropical and subtropical regions of the Philippines, mainly on Mindanao and eastern shores. This perennial plant, whose leaves bear intricate fruit patterns, is a popular tea in Mindanao. The plant grows up to thirty feet tall and is known for its dense foliage, hardy root system, and fibrous flowers that grow in abundance.

Moringa tea has a distinctive flavor that some compare to a combination of sweet and bitter. However, most people comment that it is not a bitter herb at all, but rather a light, clean flavor that are refreshing. Moringa leaves are usually steamed until they are light green, and then are left to dry in the sun. The steaming action of the sun allows the leaves to release their potent flavors and essential oils. Afterward, the leaves are hung to dry, usually in a mesh basket to prevent them from scattering or losing their essential oils during storage.

When purchasing Moringa tea online, keep in mind that the leaves should be dry-roasted for the best flavor. Moringa leaves are traditionally used as a natural sweetener and as a laxative; therefore, the leaves tend to turn yellow and dry out if they are not dried by air-drying. To make sure that your purchase of Moringa leaves will be usable as-is, be sure to purchase ones that are described as raw with no additives. You may notice that the box may state that the leaves are organically grown when they are really not, and are therefore not organic. Dried leaves may also look slightly wrinkled, which is part of the process of air-drying and will turn golden once they are completely dry.

As a mild diuretic, Moringa tea may help regulate your blood sugar levels. Moringa has a long history of use as a natural alternative to sugar in diabetes treatment, as it reduces the size of insulin cells and increases the efficiency at which they work. This translates into reduced blood sugar levels and lower spikes in your blood sugar that may be associated with other herbal teas. If you are interested in trying Moringa as a way to manage your diabetes, be sure to look for brands that do not use artificial colorings or preservatives, and that do not contain the sulfate solvents that commonly give Moringa tea its scent.

Many people are confused about the origin of Moringa. The Moringa tree is indigenous to the Malaysian region of Borneo, but it is now grown around the world and is extensively harvested for its leaves and bark. Traditionally, Moringa tea was only available in Borneo, but a variety of hybrid Moringa cultivars have made it available to consumers all over the world, including the US. Some people believe that the roots of Moringa trees were originally used by the Incas for diabetes treatments, but there is no evidence to support that claim. Moringa is most popular for its traditional use as a sleep aid.

To buy good quality Moringa tea online, it is best to buy your dry leaves and tea bags direct from the farm in Malaysia where the tree is grown. There is a variety of convenient methods for buying Moringa tea online including PayPal, Amazon, and various websites that sell dried leaves and tea bags. If you are planning to order your Moringa tea online, it’s a good idea to get a few sample packs, as they often come with sample packs of other herbal teas like lavender, jasmine, and other flowers. Sometimes, manufacturers will include other items like sugar or milk whips to make the tea taste better when it arrives at your doorstep. Once you’ve tried the tea and liked it, you can always order more Moringa tea to keep on hand Moringa Tea Online.


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