The Top Televisions in the Market

Televisions came into existence in 1927 and ever since as most home appliances have been on a never-ending the journey of evolution. Televisions became a commercial product soon after the second world war with black and white being the only colors available. Soon after, color televisions made their debut and home entertainment has never been the same again.

Television sets became commonplace in the Indian households in the late 80s and throughout the 90s with color televisions becoming a necessity for a household’s entertainment needs. Even today, television is one of the highest-selling consumer appliance in the country and with newer and better innovations every day, televisions today are much more high tech than their ancestors.


After smartphones, smart TVs have become the next big thing. Gone are the days when Television manufacturers fought on who had a better screen and whether LED was better than LCD. Today, regardless of what components you use to make your TV, it has to have at least an HD display and in some cases a 4K display. Better aspect ratios and pixel densities are a must and most important of all, it must be able to behave like a computer, and connect to your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and be able to play media files directly from the computer or streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

TV price in India has gone down as a result of the intense competition and ever-evolving technology. And it is this low TV price in India that has made televisions so affordable and available in every home in India.

VU Televisions

Launched in 2006, VU has been performing consistently when it comes to offering premium quality televisions for a quarter of the price of other luxury television models. The highly aggressive pricing has made it a competitor to the more prestigious and established brands.

VU televisions are known for their unique design, solid build, and highly affordable prices. The company as of now offers around 50 models covering everything a consumer looks for when buying a new television. VU televisions cover all the price segments giving customers as many options as possible.

VU television price in India is very aggressive and is giving tough competition to the established premium TV brands in India. You can visit our website and get the full list of models available and the whole VU television price in India.


In conclusion, it can be safely assumed that smart TVs are the future of home entertainment and VU with its competitive price TVs is bringing the competition to its rivals creating a space for its own in the television industry.

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