Advantages of LED TVs over LCD TVs

In 2010, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. revolutionized the world of television when they announced their new range of ultra-thin flat screen TVs. Up till then, LCD and Plasma TVs had ruled the roost and the average TV viewer had already got used to improved technology in television viewing experience (when compared to the earlier generation of CRT technology). But nothing prepared them for the stunning pictures and highly immersive experience that was brought by LED TVs.

There are numerous benefits to upgrading to an LED TV. Even though LED is not a new technology, but an improved version of LCD, the improvements are significant. Let us see what some of these advantages are:

  1. Picture Quality: LED TVs use light emitting diodes whereas LCD TVs use fluorescent bulbs. The LED significantly improves the picture quality because the black levels are better, leading to a deeper or truer black. LED also improves the brightness of the screen significantly.
  2. Energy Efficiency: LED TVs are highly energy efficient. They consume almost 50 per cent less electricity than LCD TVs. So even though LED TVs are more expensive than LCD TVs, the savings in electricity will more than compensate for the price difference in the long run.
  3. Longer Life: LED TVs are also much more long lasting than LCD TVs. In addition to savings in energy, a long life is another advantage in terms of price in the long run. You can also watch shows on the LED TV for longer durations.
  4. Environment friendly: LED TVs do not use mercury and release less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If you factor in the energy efficiency, it won’t be difficult to infer that LED TVs are definitely more eco-friendly than LCD TVs.
  5. More Tech friendly: LED technology has allowed manufacturers to produce ‘Smart’ TVs. Smart TVs are capable of connecting to Wi-Fi Internet and can stream a whole host of content from apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. Now we can also browse the Internet, send emails, chat and post on various social media apps. LED TVs also provide much better gaming experience when compared to LCD TVs.

In the future, one can expect more refinements and value-additions to the technology, which will make TV viewing more pleasurable. As the technology improves, so do the possibility of malfunctions which cannot be repaired by your local TV mechanic. You will require the services of a qualified technician who knows the complicated circuitry of LED TVs and can be relied up to provide genuine and knowledgeable solutions. So, when something goes wrong with your LED TV, make sure that you call a reliable service provider such as Lifeasy, who provide the best services for LED TV repair in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

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