How the Wiser Operations Tester/Reviewer Plan Works

Reviews are the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the factors that go into Amazon’s algorithm for ranking products. Reviews play a vital role in product ranking.

According to a recent study, “there is a potential for bias when a product is purchased at a deep discount or provided for free in exchange for a review.” This resulted in verified reviews holding more weight in Amazon’s ranking algorithm than non-verified reviews. To be eligible for a verified review, the customer must have spent more than $50 on their Amazon account.

Wiser Operations has developed a Tester/Reviewer Service for Amazon and other marketplace sellers. So, brands can utilize the continually growing crowd of vetted marketplace customers who place orders through Amazon, Walmart or Google Shopping. For testing and reviewing the ordered items their Tester/Reviewer service is divided into the following four categories,

– 25 tester plan
– 50 tester plan
– 100 tester plan
– 500 tester plan

The reviews are collected from a large group of well-vetted product testers/reviewers who are interested in modern brand items for sale.

How Does It Work?


Depending on the plan you choose, the cost is $11 to $ 20 for each product tester and the cost of your product purchased online. Don’t worry about this small investment! A verified purchased review equals thousands of dollars’ worth of sales for a brand.

Review Tracking 

A robust reporting system is built in the order page of individual clients in which a link is delivered after the first week of product orders. This link consists of information about the product purchased, the name of the buyer, and other essential details that help you track your Amazon verified purchase reviews.


When purchasing a tester plan, you are required to pay the total product purchase funds upfront. The funds collected are dispersed throughout the campaign to the product testers during a “telephone purchase walkthrough” that enables them to order your goods and write verified reviews.

You can enter the total product purchase fund in the designated checkout field by multiplying the presently listed price of your item by the number of product testers you’ve ordered through Wiser Operations amazon review services.


Single review orders are placed within 48 hours of the order and other plans request longer time-frames, say, two to three weeks to complete.

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