The looted mother restaurant and the DMK who took immediate action!

Some people broke into the Amma restaurant in the western 10th block of Chennai, snatched the nameplate of the Amma restaurant with the photo of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa engraved on it, and looted it in the middle of the road. The video went viral on social media and in this scene, there was a sound recording that aggressively stated that there is no more mom restaurant.

The DMK is set to form a government with a majority by winning more seats in the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections 2021. With the inauguration ceremony still two days away, the incident of looting of the mother restaurant has caused a great stir. Middle Clash, poor people who do not know the importance of mom restaurant once in a lifetime.

The AIADMK and its allies, which campaigned in the 2021 assembly elections, have been widely accused of anarchy if the DMK comes to power, and Tamil Nadu, where rhetoric will increase, will stagnate. Accordingly, the mother restaurant robbery incident comes as a great shock before the DMK wins and the inauguration ceremony takes place.

However, immediate action was taken on behalf of the DMK. DMK leader MK Stalin has issued a statement saying that two DMK members who removed the nameplate of Amma Restaurant are being expelled from the party. It was also informed on behalf of the corporation that the two who were sacked were not in any charge in the party and that a complaint has been lodged with the police against both of them. In this case, the two were arrested for looting the nameplate of the mother restaurant.

It should be noted that the DMK came to power in the 20th century. It is reprehensible that grassroots volunteers are so active among the volunteers who are celebrating victory to quench their thirst for ten years. Similarly, the immediate action taken by the DMK has been welcomed by many.

We have come to power in the interest of the people. This is the time when social media is spreading.

The DMK won 159 of the 234 seats in the recently concluded Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. The DMK is ruling Tamil Nadu after 10 years with a simple majority. The ruling AIADMK won only 75 seats.

Following this, DMK leader MK Stalin will take over as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on the 7th. After 10 years in the midst of an environment plagued by the spread of the corona, M.K. Since Stalin is in charge everyone has the expectation of how he is going to handle this situation.

With the DMK capturing only 125 seats, it is set to rule with a majority. In addition, the coalition parties Congress, Madhimuga 4, Vizika 4, CPM 2, CPI 2, have captured 4 other constituencies.

AIADMK is all set to send 65 MLAs to the Tamil Nadu Assembly after 65 struggles by its allies BJP. Similarly, Bamaga has captured 5 blocks.

Following this, M.K. Stalin chaired a meeting of DMK MLAs at Anna Arivalayam in Chennai today. The DMK MLAs unanimously declared MK Stalin as the Chief Minister.

Similarly, DMK Deputy General Secretary I. Periyasamy has lost the BJP candidate by one lakh 37 thousand 577 votes more than the BJP candidate Tilakabhama who contested against him in Attur constituency. In addition, Deposit lost 19 candidates who contested against him. DMK candidate I. Periyasamy is proud to have won the 2021 Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu by a large margin.

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