The Best Alternative to Finance a Refurbishment Property

When you are thinking to plan major structural changes, the key to success is to plan and each and everything carefully and accordingly set a budget so that you don’t overspend.
Refurbishment loans are available for the landlords, developers and property investors who are looking to renovate a tired residential or mixed use property before giving it on rent. Refurbishments are smaller projects in comparison to the property developments.

The Loan Structure

Refurbishment finance is structured to provide the fund in two tranches. The lender will provide an initial advance based on a percentage of purchase prices with the balance released.
Any refurbished project, small or large, consumes a lot of money and energy. The list below is different alternatives of Loans for Property Refurbishment:
Home Equity Loan
Home equity loans enable you to access that the built up equity even if you don’t want to refinance or sell. Probably, taking out an additional loan against the equity will provide your financial situations allow you to service the additional expense.

Getting a home equity loan implicates having your home valued to determine the equity amount that you possess. Unlike a regular mortgage that might spend on the purchase a home, a home equity loan can be spent on something you select – investments, refurbishments, consolidating debts and so on.
This is probably the most common method through which the people can borrow money when they want to make any renovations. It involved borrowing against the existing value of your home, prior any value-adding refurbishments. There is no need to borrow the full value of your property, but without mortgage insurance you can borrow up to 80% of its value if you own it outright. One potential problem is that the cost of your refurbishments is actually higher in comparison to equity that is available with you.

Construction Loan

If you doing any major construction in your refurbishment that might involves long term services of a contractor builder, then you must consider a Construction Loan.

This property refurbishment loan is designed to make the process of building easier and enable you to draw down on funds as you required and only then pay interest on the funds you use, when you actually use them. This means that big savings, mainly on large scale refurbishments that might cost $ 100000 or more. When the construction gets completed, you can nominate which home loan product the Construction Loan reverts to moving forward.

This is a similar to a home equity loan, except that the lender will take into account the final value of your home after the refurbishment. You will not be provided with the full loan upfront loan amount, but you will avail in the loan in staggered amounts over a period of time.

Hence, Construction loans are a good idea if you are undertaking a costly refurbishment that might time to complete.


Line of Credit

This is very much similar to a home equity loan which is usually secured against you home. Unlike most of the home equity loans that provide you the funds in lump sum, a line of credit gives you an access to money that you can draw down as required.

This may be ideal for the long-term or ongoing refurbishments. When you apply, you can create a revolving credit line that you can access whenever you want according to your approved limit. You have to pay only the interest on the fund that you use and as you pay off your balance, you can re-borrow the funds that are used without applying for it again. Though, care must be taken not to get in over your head in terms of serviceability, so ensure that you can make repayments on the line of credit as this will reduce the principle.

Homeowner Mortgage

If you are planning to entirely transforming your home and undergo a major makeover, this may be a good option as you can spread the cost over a long period of time. You can even possibly borrow up to 90% of the value of your home and take benefits of mortgage rates that are often lower in comparison to credit card and personal loan rates.

Personal Loan

If you are making only minor refurbishments, then personal loans are generally capped at around $30,000 and this might be suitable, but interest rates on personal loans are higher than the home equity loans.

Credit Cards

This option is available only if you want to undertake certainly small property loan refurbishment projects. The interest rates are generally higher in comparison to mortgages, but for a very small project that extra interest is actually less than loan establishment fees.
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