Sunbrella Fabric: Uses And Benefits

A patio is a place for peace where you want to stay away from the hustle, people, and tensions and spend some relaxing with yourself or your loved ones eliminating worries and stress. This highly depends upon the furniture you are using on your patio. If your furniture is old or has turned dull over the years, then relaxation might not feel good enough to cherish. If you plan to upgrade your furniture then you need to consider factors like beauty, durability, and longevity which you will get from sunbrella outdoor furniture. This furniture offers a wide range of fabrics, shades, and furniture pieces to choose from. There are numerous advantages of choosing this furniture which you will find from the article below. Learn more about it before you dive into its perks.

What is sunbrella fabric? 

Sunbrella is a brand that has the most famous solution-dyed acrylic fiber. This fiber resists water, mildew, UV rays and is cheaper compared to other outdoor fabrics. You can leave it outside under the sun as it does not fade easily.

The fade resistance is the unique feature that makes the fiber last longer and keeps its external texture glowing for a longer period of time. You can use this fabric for cushion covers, umbrella shades, sofas, and chairs. This fabric brings you a variety of colors, patterns, and looks to choose from. You can choose it as per your personal preferences or select the color that complements your patio. Apart from its fantastic features and colors, it also has several lines of fabrics; commercial fabrics, strapping, sling, Sunbrella marine fabric, and Elbertex fabrics.

Uses of Sunbrella fabric 

The Sunbrella fabric is versatile enough to use in designing furniture of different categories; upholstery, marine, and shade.


The upholstery includes chairs, sofas, and furniture pieces for a person’s comfort. The Sunbrella fabric is a perfect combination of beauty, texture, pattern, and color that completely transforms the look of the patio. You can use it indoors as well to decorate the interiors of your house. 


The weather is not friendly all the time especially when it is heated outside. Sunbrella fabric used as a shade can protect you from the heat and let you comfortably relax under the shade. A comfort inviting space with a scenic view. A needed shade that Sunbrella fabric provides against elements of heat and rain.


The Sunbrella fabric is also used for attaching shades in the boats. If you own a boat then you can add this fabric as a shade and use it comfortably during summers.

Benefits of Sunbrella fabric  

Check out the benefits from below and find if any of them match your preferences. 

Water and mould resistant 

One good reason to invest in this furniture is its resistance towards; water, mould, and mildew. This fabric is made of acrylic that prevents the absorption of water, leaves, and all the dirt substances that can ruin the quality of your furniture. 


is produced without harming the environment. The production process hardly includes any wastage of materials. The water usage is minimum, fabric meets the efficacy levels, and causes minimum impact to the environment. Its texturing requires minimum water and energy consumption. 

Easy to clean 

Sunbrella fabric is easy to clean. Simply soak it in soapy lukewarm water and rinse it thoroughly to air dry the outer material of the fabric. This will let the dirt out and clean it effectively. It can even be bleached without color fading because each fiber is saturated to the core.


Sunbrella fabric carries a 5-year manufacturing warranty. Once you purchase it you can expect it to last for 10 years. Well, it also depends upon how often you use it.

So if the outdoor area of your house needs rejuvenation then Sunbrella fabric furniture is the right set of furniture pieces to choose it will ease your work and entirely transform the outdoor beauty scene.




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