Sounds You Never Want to Hear From Your Cooling System

While working in the summer heat, there’s more than enough to worry about, uninitiated leads, unsubmitted reports and the chants of a nagging boss around you. A crying cooling system would be an even more unwelcome guest to this list. For a family person, it could result in a bad night’s sleep or rather an unhappy wife.

Noises left unchecked in your HVAC can be a sign of pending doom that will plague all of summer, forcing you to resort to primitive ways of waving a fan, holding on to dear sanity.

If you’re facing any issues with the HVAC system in your place, you can consult an expert for the best Ashburn heating and air conditioning service. A bad AC noise can mean a bad AC and an even worse electricity bill. A bad noise can be used to evaluate what’s wrong with your AC.

While evaluating your system on your own, you need to check what fits the comfort you are looking for. Is it a better electricity bill, is it better cooling, or just an escape from the weird noises coming out of your Air conditioner and the peace that follows. All of these points are key for checking your system and achieving tranquility.


We’ve recommended checking some of these noises that you may encounter on a daily basis.


A rattling noise can be an indication of a loose screw, an unhinged compartment, or rather a broken-off part that is lurking around the entire cooling system. If this problem is left unchecked this could result in a catastrophic failure of the entire system. So in compliance with the butterfly effect, we would like you to diagnose and get the issue fixed.


What happens when something small bangs around the major components of your system? You get ringing. Ringing could be caused by an out-of-place radiator getting hit by a small screw out of place, we recommend you get it checked.


Imagine a rabid rat running around your house. Now think of the awful sound it makes. This is squealing. Squeaking In your system can occur when a belt that Is responsible for rotating the motors is old and rugged and needs to be changed immediately. 

Not changing the belt may result in the fan not blowing and the impending heat that follows. The other reason for this issue is the condenser’s Ball bearings being old. The only issue plaguing anything that rotates in today’s technology has to be ball bearings. We recommend you seek professional help.


If you have a loud high pitched irritating noise troubling you, you do have a faulty compressor at your hands! A compressor is the single most crucial and the most expensive

A single unit in your AC. A screeching noise is made when the Freon gases in your compressor begin to leak out, not fixing the issue may result in the entire major component being replaced. So you know what they say! A stitch in time saves nine.


Imagine a ringing phone on vibrate. Now imagine your air conditioner making that sound, doesn’t sound that pleasant. This is droning. 

Droning may be a sign that the electrical casing on the wires has withered away and is leaking electrical charge. More often than not it happens so that if the system is restarted the sound goes away, but returns after a short while. We highly recommend that you get it checked if you don’t like fire at unwanted places.

 So, don’t let the annoying HVAC sounds disturb you and you can contact a professional for air conditioning service, Ashburn. We wish you a great experience!

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