Some crucial knowledge about Computers and Laptops

In this present era, a human is nothing without computer. Computer is an electronic device which makes the work easy and fast. A computer can be called computer if it has complete set of hardware, software, and exterior equipment to do the different kinds of tasks. From its invention till now, there are many innovations are done in its system by technologists and experts.

Examples of computer hardware are CPU, RAM, hard drive etc. whereas example of software is video game. A software needs hardware devices to run. In other words, hardware is physical and software is virtual.

Let’s know about other important information about computer. The input and output devices of computer. the entire functioning of computer is done with the collaboration of input and output devices. The input devices are keyboard, mouse, etc. while, output devices are monitor, speaker, printer. When the command is given to the computer while using input devices, then output devices show the results. The last thing which you already know which is CPU-Central Processing Unit. CPU is brain of computer.

There are many components and accessories which are responsible in doing different types of works at computer. these are computer accessories such as speaker, chair, table, drawer, mouse pad, USB. If the computer accessories and furniture is comfortable and durable, then it will be best for you to do your work in less time without fatigue.

Another than computer, laptops are also used worldwide. The main reason behind of using laptops is that they can be carry from one place to another. Simply, they are portable and handy. Laptop has lower weight than computer. In case of computer, it has CPU, UPS, monitor, mouse, keyboard, wires, cables and other components. Although, these all things are already inside of laptop. Thus, laptop is a great invention. There are many brands which manufacturers laptop. For instance, Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, Hp, Acer etc.

The main things which you must consider before purchasing laptops or computer from offline or online store are:

  • Durability
  • Brand
  • Warranty
  • Guarantee
  • Cost
  • Reliability

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