Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Useful Mobile App

The ability to do something with a single click is the new normal- thanks to the ever-evolving technology, a sudden surge in the use of mobile phones, and easier yet cheaper access to the internet.

But why create a mobile app for a restaurant and not a website? Well, you can go for a website for sure. But looking at the type of customer experience that’s on the rise, mobile apps are pretty much unrivaled by any other services! Naturally, the customers opt for the services that they can operate via their mobile phones. With faster loading speed, already saved cart, better UI, smarter algorithms, and better browsing- mobile apps offer a much, much better convenience.

The current market depends a lot on digital media- especially after the pandemic. People are unwilling to get out of their houses. They appreciate door-to-door services for even the most menial of things like groceries, cosmetics, and medicine. Think how much a custom restaurant will make out of the available market!

Benefits of Technology in the Food Industry 

Why would I need an app for my restaurant or a delivery app for my business? Because every successful business has one, and you must know how to keep up with them.

While technology might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of the food industry, the ever-rising demand cannot be met by a brick-and-mortar store alone.

The global food tech market was USD 220.32 Billion USD in 2019 and it is anticipated to reach 342.52 Billion USD in 2027. The growth of eCommerce channels is the catalyst to such a change. And an increasing demand for quick and convenient food delivery services is boosting the growth of this market. Added to this are the strict regulations by the government after the pandemic- technology has now become an essential commodity for the general public.

Advantages of Food Delivery Apps 

Let’s get straight into the points without beating around the bush. Here are the food delivery app advantages:

  1. Location-Based Deals – Mobile apps let you access a person’s basic personal details, especially if you work with KYC. This way, it becomes easier to come up with better and personalized services based on locality.
  1. Loyal Customers – Coupons and discounts on regular orders, bonuses for new customers, etc., are a great way of creating a base of regular customers.
  1. Better Conversion and Sales – Being a food delivery app, the demography of your targeted customers will be insane! Utilize this chance to get as many leads as possible and awe them with your services.
  1. Better Brand Awareness – Remember how we used to get takeaways during random Wednesday evenings? Me neither. Instead of people coming to the businesses, the businesses are now voluntarily going to the people. And what’s a better way to do so other than their very own mobile phones?
  1. Better Customer Service – Apps make it easier for people to access the menu, take as long as they want to order food, and still do all this while laying on the bed. How are they not going to be happy with great, GREAT service?

Benefits of Mobile Apps to Consumers 

Let us take a look at everything that we discussed using a customer’s lenses.

As discussed in the previous section, an app makes our lives convenient. An average person unlocks their phone about once every twenty minutes without any legit reason. What’s the first thing they notice? The app icons.

Now, apps are something that we open even if we are yet not mentally prepared for making a transaction. But given the offers, available services, and on-point interface, ordering something looks just as convincing.

That’s exactly how apps are supposed to work- bring in conversions even in the least possible situations.

How to Make an App for a Restaurant 

The first and foremost thing that you will need is an IDEA.

Ask yourself what problems your app solves and how it provides any different service from similar apps in the market. If you are in for the very same services, what more do you offer?

The next step would be A LOT of market research. Look for other apps’ reviews to get inputs for restaurant app design, features, services in demand, and many more.

Once you zero down on the services and features, you can start with the app development. Now, you can either hire a team of developers and designers to help you with the process, work with a restaurant mobile app builder, or get started with prebuilt apps. JumpGrowth offers you an easy-to-use, low-cost custom restaurant app. Want to get started with a new app? Get in touch with us.

The Idea of Restaurant Mobile Apps 

Don’t keep your ideas confined- you can go for fast food restaurant apps, restaurant finder apps, only delivery apps, and many more. But the core idea remains the same- making it easy for people to get their favorite food at home without stepping out.

Keeping that in mind, you must know that this idea is somewhat a cliche, and many apps like Zomato, UberEats, and individual restaurant apps are already doing great. So you might want to come up with a creative initiative or present the current one with a twist.

Wrapping It Up 

We have a secret for you.

Even though the idea of building an app might sound overwhelming- about 95% of restaurants had no such app about a year ago. It is not very difficult- but you do need a lot of time and resources. JumpGrowth is here to make the very same process easier for you.

Looking for a food delivery app builder? Say no more. We have set up a system that will help you build an avant-garde app for your restaurant. Drop us a hi, and our representative will get in touch with you in no time!

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