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On your mark! Get set! Date! Speed dating has established its place today. In online dating, you can make decisions about potential partners with the click of a mouse. In speed dating, the process can be just as fast. Either way, it’s a potential romance – machine gun style. You meet many people at an event very quickly and hope you at least hit one target in a possible connection.

One type of speed dating is 8-minute dating. This is becoming increasingly popular among all types of single people. 8-minute dating live events are often organized by a local or online dating service, dating coach, or promotion-minded online dating sites.

8 Minute Dating: How it Works (or doesn’t work) for Singles

The process traditionally works in cycles of eight. A group of eight men and eight women meet each other for a period of eight minutes. When time is up, each person then rotates on to another person for another eight-minute meeting. At the conclusion of every eight-minute meeting, participating singles are required to move on to the next date regardless of the quality of the connection with the other person. So, if you know instantly that the person you’ve just met is not at all the one for you, then eight minutes can be a long time. On the other hand, eight minutes will fly by if you are into the person with whom you have just been introduced.

To keep the pressure-cooking aspect on low, first names are only used. Personal information such as last names, telephone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses are not to be exchanged between eight-minute dating singles.

At the end of an eight-minute dating event, the participants are supposed to submit a list to the organizer of the people they would like to meet for a second date. If and when the feelings are mutual, contact information is then provided for both interested singles. And there is usually no limit to the number of likes you can select in 8-minute dating. You can select all eight people for the second date if you want.

Eight minutes. You probably know marriage or long-term romantic relationship can change forever in that time frame. The question is –
Can you really build a foundation for a romantic relationship in eight minutes when there are plenty of distractions and plenty of competition?

Reasons Why Eight is Enough in Speed Dating Time

It is a fun, exciting, and unpredictable night out that beats staying home alone.
You are guaranteed to meet several different possible connections in a short period of time.
If you don’t like someone, you’re only required to visit with them for eight minutes.
It is much less risky than a blind date.
You have multiple opportunities to test “your story” or your “pick up lines.”
You may meet some new friends.

Reasons Why Eight Ain’t Enough for Speed Dating Success

  • It is not enough time to know whether or not you would enjoy a second meeting with a person.
  • Your personality type might not be right for it.
  • There is not enough.
  • There is way too much competition for the most attractive men and women.
  • The people you meet in eight-minute intervals are too similar. There is just not enough to differentiate between the rotating speed-dating men and women.

Who would want to leave the table of a person you really like in order to move on to the next person for whom you may not feel any interest or attraction?

One little spark can burn acres upon acres of forest. One little spark is all you need in eight-minute dating. Many people believe all you need is an instant to know if a spark is there or at least the possibility of one being generated. Then, if there is mutual attraction and both the man and the woman feel a sense of a spark, an eight-minute connection will go quickly and likely leave each of them wondering and wanting more time together. If you a believer of this philosophy, then the eight-minute dating concept could be a fun and perhaps successful option for you to consider.

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