Looking for Best cheapest hostel in south delhi?

Planning to shifting Delhi? Look no more, all the details about hostel in South Delhi are on ahplindia.com. Like thousands of students monthly, book hostel securely at the best price in all neighbourhoods of South Delhi. On this website, you can simply notice a hostel list, in a trendy neighbourhood; a hostel in the student- university district, close to bus or train stations, airports or major attractions of South Delhi.

The AHPL’s hostels are more than just a place to rest when you want to escape Delhi’s enticing chaos. It’s a place for community, friendships and stories. We have an obsessive affair with travel and a soft spot for everything that moves with a backpack. Come on over, let us show you some love!

Looking for a cheapest hostel in South Delhi?

We’ve got all of your backpacker needs covered: from a secure, open area, comfortable beds and clean washrooms to a passion for showing you the unknown, chaotic underbelly of this huge town and beyond. Once you want taking a break from the town, we have garden/lounge and a comfortable living room you’ll be able to take a decide from.

Round the clock, free Wi-Fi, a fully-stocked open kitchen, a breakfast for champions and a host of food walks and crawls, The AHPL is where you should be in Delhi.

The Hostel provides a person the house to relax, think and connect. We offer quality budget accommodation and trust keeping the backpackers atmosphere alive constantly. Situated at walking distance from Saket metro station on the most convenient, we are close enough to most of the heritage sites in Delhi yet far enough to escape most of the noise.

The hostel only makes those guarantees that can be delivered and we are transparent in our procedures. Comfortable beds, clean bathrooms, free Wi-Fi are the obvious services that a hostels offers. Other than these, there’s a completely equipped community room, living room with large projected screen, a PlayStation with amusements, mini library for a few sound reading, laundry and you get help whenever required.

Let us plan your food and accommodation in the best way possible. Visit us for a pleasant stay in AHPL’s best hostel in South Delhi.


Website: http://www.ahplindia.com/all-hostels.php

Call Us: +91-8470005410 / +91-9311292023

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