6 Ways You Can Change Your Backyard

If you have a substantial backyard, it should be used for more than just a swing and a couple of trees. It could be transformed into a tranquil space, a mini-sporting arcade or a barbecue area. Today we have innovative solutions like WPC deck tiles that can fit any space as well as traditional solutions like a garden.

Our tips to transform your backyard:

Plant an herb/kitchen garden

If you have a green thumb (or even if you don’t) this is the time to let it rule. A garden in the backyard is one of the loveliest ideas of using the space. You can derive satisfaction of growing your own organic vegetables, find abundant green in your own backyard and watch your little plants grow.

Plant an herb garden. This can fit into even a small backyard. A few pots would do the work. You can even work with unexpected pots like a tin can! If you have more space, plan a kitchen garden. It pays to plan a little carefully here. Make separate beds for the vegetables you will oink to grow — tomatoes, brinjals, or runner beans. You can also label the beds. Plant the garden at the corner of the backyard or make the beds around the edges.

If you are planning to plant fruits, keep in mind that most fruit trees take time to grow. If its flowers you love, don’t hesitate to grow these. You can plant flowers along with your herbs, vegetables and fruits. The point is, grow what you love and love what you grow!

Install a wooden deck

Create a rustic look with a wooden deck. A wooden deck is a great place to sit out in the evening or early mornings. It also gives you space to entertain. Find simple table and chairs to create a seating area. One of the concerns earlier was the unsuitability of installing wooden decks. Wood has a tendency to warp, rot or start peeling under sun and rain. But WPC deck tiles have provided us with the viable solutions. These tiles are easy to maintain and very durable. All you have to do clean and mop them occasionally!

Create a kid play area

If you have small children, create a play area that they can enjoy. All you will need is a swing and a sand pit. If you have more space, you can install other pieces like a slide and even a tree house! This is a safe and secure area for your children to play. There are plenty of options available in the market. You can keep an eye on them while you work around the house or enjoy a cup of tea at the deck.

Hammocks or beds — make space to relax and rejuvenate

A large backyard can even double up as your outdoor sleeping area! This is hardly a new concept. A couple of generations ago, people slept in their yards in charpais, since it was typically cooler outside. Ow you can just do it in some more style! Look for hammocks you can string for a quick nap. There are even outdoor beds made of bamboo or rattan. Some of these beds come with their own shade or canopy.

Water feature

A water feature can automatically bring tranquility to the outdoor space. Some people believe that water in an outdoor area purifies the atmosphere. A water feature can be anything — a pool if you have the space, a small pond or a fountain. You can even install a little waterfall. You may have to take the help of an expert here, but getting the right water feature can be worth it!

A wooden pergola

Wooden pergolas have become increasingly popular. You can build this on your deck or if you have a large backyard, install your pergola at a distance to create a cozy seating area. Wooden pergolas often come with WPC deck tiles that are easy to maintain and quite durable. The pergola offers shade on a sunny day and can be a great place for entertaining. Make sure that there are enough light features. String some fairy lights or get hanging lanterns for interesting light features. Comfortable seating with cushions scattered can add to the look.

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