Knowing the Dos and Don’ts While Learning Violin for Beginners

Written by ritachatterjee

Learning to play voilin can seem to be fun at first; but as you practise, and if you are not able to pick up the lessons fast, it can be quite frustrating. This write-up gives you important tips on do’s and don’ts for beginner to make the learning experience fun.

Just like learning any new skill, learning to play a new musical isntrument like guitar or violion too comes with its own challenges. Whilst the idea of learning violin can be great fun and exciting for many, some people tend to lose interest within a few days. This is mainly because these people either find the violin music boring or as in most cases they give-up because they don’t learn quickly enough as they want.

In today’s times, if you look around, you will find that there are many music schools and singing classes in Kolkata that conduct violin coaching for people of age group. No matter, if you are a teenager or if you are full grown adult, it is never too late or too early to start learning violin. Unlike other musical instuemnts like guitar or keyboard, learning to play a violing fluently requires great dedidation and interest in the music. If you are amateur learner, considering the following dos and don’ts will make your violing learning experience more interesting and fun.

The Dos

Have a fixed practice schedule

To learn anything new successfully, you have to practise regularly. Make sure that you dedicate some time to playing violin everday and estalish a fixed schedule. This will not only help you perfect your lessons but also help you make quick progress in your learning process. Set a practise schedule to suit your needs and comfort. For istance, if you like to practise early in the morning, practise your lessons before you do anything else.

Take regular breaks

As an amateur it is easy to get excited and go overboard with your practise sessions. It is important you take sufficient break during the practise session to help your fings relax and stretch your body. Playing the violin continuously for a prolonged period can cause finger injury.

Stay relaxed

Every time you practise playing violin make sure that you feel both mentally and physically relaxed. Always maintain a good sitting posture and don’t assert too much even when you are not getting the notes right. Remmeber, you can not become a professional violing player overnight, give yoruself time to perfect the each and every lesson and only once you are confident about a certain lesson move ahead.


Expect overnight success

As you start practising violin, don’t expect quick results and believe you can start playing violin like a pro within a few days. Learning to play any musical instrument take time and some techniques can be hard to perfect. Take your time, learn at your own pace and you will be successful eventually.

Neglect checking the condition of the instrument

The best violin teacher in Kolkata would tell you that it is important to check the instrument thoroughly before every practise session. Always check the violin for the tune before you start playing. Many students find it hard to distinguish the correct pitch of a note and you surely would not want to make the learning more difficult by practising on an instrument that is off-pitch.

Stop exploring new sounds

The best thing about learning to play any musical instument is the opportunity it offfers to explores new and different genres of music and create your own music and develop a unique playing style.

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