Know Some Important Facts of Wafer Cleaning Equipment

Today, an extensive variety of semiconductor machines utilizes Wafer Cleaning Equipment for example MEMS, CIS, memory, RF devices, LED, inter posers, logic, and others. These device clean silicon wafer surfaces and make them fit for semiconductor devices.This helps electronic items to get better work ability. As well, the on the rise function of memory in the stylish gadgets is motivating the expansion of the overall promote.


A number of top companies working in the worldwide market for semiconductor wafer cleaning equipment are continually focusing on activities involving to study and growth to stay speed with the all the time growing semiconductor business. The market is likely to witness a significantly high competition over the years ahead. The leading vendors are likely to get into less mergers and acquisitions keeping in mind the consolidated nature of the market. On the other hand, with the purpose of providing grow to money-spinning opportunities in the opportunity; the members are expected to really meeting point on make inquiries and advance activities.

The Ion 100-40Q is a Photoresist Ashing system based on the batch ashing Branson/IPC 9000 series ashers. It is planned for consignment procedure wafers for photo resist strip, descum, nitride etch and other cleaning applications in semiconductor, LED, and MEMS fabrication. This machinery is founded on verified RF asher reactor plans developed by PVA Teplaand its predecessors for more than 40 years .

Moreover, to meet the increasing orders of our clients we at PVA Tepla, plan Ion 100-40Q, that highlights flexibility and manage for their surface treatment needs. Its highly developed quality offers state of the art process control, fail-safe system alarms and data capturing software. This enables the system to meet severe value control plans essential to make Semiconductor, LED and MEMS devices. The Ion 40Q uses RF also called radio frequency produced plasma in a dense, completely integrated package.

PVA TePla AG is one of the universal unions of adaptable technologically advanced companies. With more than four decades of experience and an eye for the innovations of tomorrow, we build up supreme systems for vacuum, high temperature and plasma processes on top of quality check – for all time in close assistance with our clients. To know more please visit our website

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