Is age a matter of fact in the IVF process?

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Written by DrShivaniSachdev

IVF has emerged as one of the most successful treatments to curb infertility. With more number of couples facing this problem, IVF has turned out to be the first choice for them. After trying almost all kinds of treatment, IVF for couples is a boon. It not only gives them a hope to conceive but if things move in the right way, it can lead to parenthood as well. So it becomes really necessary to get in touch with the infertility specialist at the earliest. Delay can definitely lead to reduced chances of success and you will definitely not want this to happen. So sooner you start the process of IVF, higher will be the chances of success.

Choosing a good expert can be the turning point of your case. The experience and skills can make a big difference and that is why you need to connect with an expert only. Dr Shivani sachdev gour is definitely a reputed name in this field with 19 years of experience in handling the cases of infertility. If you too are looking for a competent expert or infertility specialist, you can rely on shivani sachdev gour. Her expertise can certainly play a crucial role in the process as well as the success.

The success rate of IVF depends on several aspects but age is the most important of all.

How age can affect IVF success?

As you already know that the success rate of IVF goes down as one ages. This is because of the simple reason that the number of active and balanced eggs starts decreasing as you age and therefore the chances of conceiving also decrease. It is the best and active eggs which fuse first and if they are low, it is difficult to get them fused and result into pregnancy.

If you are in the age group of 35-40 then there are around 50% of the eggs which are active as well as normal. Once you reach the age of 40, this percentage goes down to 10-20% and even further down when you get older. So this clearly shows that once the number of eggs has reduced, the chances too go down and even treatments like IVF do not show any results. The women of age 35 have more chances of success than the younger ones.

Fresh vs. frozen transfer

Apart from the age, the type of eggs used for the fusion too can have an impact on the overall results. If the eggs are fresh, the chances go up by leap and bounds and in case the frozen ones are used or egg donor is used then the chances can be low depending on other conditions as well. So it is always advisable to go for the fresh egg transfer only as frozen ones might not lead you to the destination and it could just be a waste of money. Therefore one needs to be careful when going for IVF and look into all the aspects which can have negative impact on the results and the success rate too. Contact to find a ivf specialist doctor in delhi, India.

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