How To Protect Building With Corian Cladding

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In building construction, the cladding is used to provide a shield against the weather. The materials used may be a combination of metals, aluminum, or plastic. This material is most commonly applied and installed around windows, doors, roofs, and chimneys where rain water is more likely to penetrate into the interiors and exteriors.

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Cladding provides a stunning high-performance envelope for a new development or can upgrade, enhance and transform existing buildings, offices and homes. Versatile, long-lasting and energy-saving Corian® cladding systems are designed and produced to meet the most demanding aesthetic and functional requirements. The panels are available in many sizes and can be curved providing architects and their clients with endless design opportunities.

Dupont Corian is an advanced mineral filled acrylic material with homogeneous color throughout, offering a distinctive finish and a fascinating interaction with the light. Whatever the nature of project multiple or a single storey, minimal or decorative, curved or angular, DuPont Corian cladding complete creative freedom.

It is done in one of the following ways.

  • Cladding that is made of impermeable materials is used so that rain water can only access the building through joints. Properly designed joints with sealant can completely keep out the rain infiltration.
  • Cladding that is made up of porous material (bricks) absorbs rain during rainfall and subsequently dries out. Water will not be able to enter the building if the cladding is of sufficient thickness with low permeability.


Dupont™ Corian® is an extremely versatile material ideal for cladding- designers around the world mould shape, sculpt, cut, join or sandblast it to create inspiring installations. The organic feeling of Corian® coupled with a seamless look, fluid lines and a broad range of color possibilities, creates a platform for boundless creativity.

Corian® panels can be combined easily with other building materials for contrast, harmony and accent. The result is a facade that transforms and enhances, adding new dimensions to any building design.


Dupont™ Corian® panels can be produced to virtually any size required and in 12mm and 19mm thicknesses. Corian® can be thermoformed into curves to offer further design options and adding more depth and character to a buildings’ exterior.

The curves can also be used to clad columns, see an example to the right.


  • DuPont™ Corian® External Cladding can be used for cladding renovation to reach new thermal regulation requirements.
  • A reliable product with an impressive track record that is proven as safe in use and certified as

hygienic and having no negative impact on air quality.

  • A solid, non-porous material that is easy to maintain without the need for sealants or treatments.


DuPont Corian internal cladding solutions offer designers superior aesthetics combined with extraordinary design flexibility and reliability.

Solid, homogenous and colored all the way through, Corian is capable of creating expansive and sleek vertical surfaces with inconspicuous seams. Inspiring arrays of decorative options are possible including 3D-textured effects, CNC pattern cutting, curves, inlays and dramatic backlighting effects.

  • Broad range of color options
  • Solid material colored all the way through
  • Flexible and reliable interior cladding solution


  • It is mainly used to stop wind and rain from entering the building.
  • Cladding can also provide sound and thermal insulation as well as fire resistance.
  • It is often used to make a building’s exterior look more attractive.

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