How to Plan a Stress-Free Move

If you are planning to relocate in the near future, you are probably dreading the move; it is stressful to pack all your belongings and watch as strangers handle your personal possessions and if you would like a stress-free moving experience, please read on.

Sourcing the Right Removal Firm

This is the key to a stress-free relocation and with the best Sydney furniture removals company on the job, they will handle everything and you can relax and enjoy the experience. Most removalists offer a comprehensive service that includes packing, so you don’t have to do a thing. When you first make contact with a leading removal company, they won’t be able to quote you over the phone; most prefer to actually pay you a visit so they can see exactly what items are going and what are not. Once you have found the right removalist, remember to call them the day before, just to remind them. Punctuality is assured when you deal with an established removal firm and they are always prepared to go that extra mile.


Items that are rarely used can be packed in advance and that really does make a difference; a good removal company would deposit an empty container outside your home and you can gradually pack things, or ask the removal guys to pack and load. The more you can do prior to the big day, the easier the move will be and with the right removalist, you won’t have to do a thing! No one likes packing and with the right removal company, you can leave it to the professionals. It is a good idea to have the carpets steam-cleaned when moving into a new home.

Preparing the New Home

Of course, you do need to send a team to clean the new house to make it ready for occupation; don’t forget to have the utilities connected up the day before the move, which ensure that you have power and water, which are both essential.

Waste Management

You will be surprised at how much junk you’ve accumulated over the years and unless you are a hoarder, you need to decide what you are going to let go of. Some things you can sell, while others can be donated to a local charity and if you hire a skip, this ensures you don’t leave a mess for the next occupant. 

Fully Insured

Even the best team can make mistakes and you should make sure that the removalist has full insurance to cover for any damage caused during the move. When you visit their website, you should see something about insurance, which really does give you some peace of mind.

It always seems like a mountain to climb when you start to plan a relocation, but with the right removal contractor, moving home has never been easier. It is a good idea to check online to see if there are Covid travel restrictions in place, which could really put a spanner in the works.

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