Here’s How to Pick the Best Evil Eye Pendant For Yourself

A very well-known symbol of protection- the evil eye has become widely popular in women’s jewellery today. It is widely believed that the hostile glance of a person, animal, or spirit can negatively affect a person without them knowing, and the best form of protection from this was the evil eye. This charm is believed to divert the evil gaze away from you so you aren’t affected by it.

The evil eye pendant can be worn by you occasionally or all the time, depending on your vibrations. Today, evil eye pendants are trending and can be seen everywhere you look. This has resulted in many women wearing evil eye jewellery, out of which evil eye pendants are the most popular.

If you too, want to hop on the evil eye trend, then here are some tips for you!

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The Correct Colour

The fact that the colour of the evil eye pendants affects the wearer isn’t widely known but it is one of the most important factors to consider while picking one for yourself. The most popular one is the dark blue shade of the evil eye pendant. 

This is because this deep shade increases the general positive energy of the person while also making them feel more creative and motivated in life. It also acts as a shield against evil spirits and pushes the person towards good karma.

Other colours of the evil eye pendants can include sky blue that broadens the vision of a person by focusing on personal growth. Other shades include orange, yellow, red, and more that have meanings and purposes of their own.

The Right Size and Design

Evil eye pendants come in all shapes and sizes to fit your styling needs while protecting you from negative energies. You can go with a big and bold evil eye pendant if you want a statement piece that would catch everyone’s eye. On the other hand, if the purpose of your evil eye pendant is to be worn everyday by you, then a smaller and sleeker pendant would be a better choice.

There are also many design options that come with an evil eye pendant. Firstly, you might want to get a pendant that is simple and minimalistic so that you can wear it with different chains for different occasions. You can wear an evil eye pendant with a silver, gold chain, or a black thread depending on the design you choose.

Blinging evil eye pendants with diamonds have also been making their way into today’s trends because of their dainty yet stylish look that increases your fashion quotient instantly. These minimal blinged evil eye pendants are one of the top choices for you as they make a statement without taking away attention from your outfits.

Where to Find Dainty Evil Eye Pendants?

There are many stores both online and offline where you can find aesthetic evil eye pendants according to your liking. You can get them from local stores as well as from reputed jewellers depending on the kind of evil eye pendants you are looking for. 

However, buying from local stores comes with a few risks. The evil eye pendants may be of very low quality which can result in the chain breaking easily after a few uses and the colour of the pendant also fading away. 

If you want a good quality evil eye pendant that can be worn all the time without the risk of breaking, then you should check out the evil eye pendants at Mia by Tanishq. It has beautiful and sleek designs of evil eye pendants that you can wear everyday to elevate your look and keep the evil spirits away.

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