How to Integrate Animated Video into an Existing Marketing Strategy

It’s more vital now than ever before to incorporate animated videos into your marketing content strategy. These statistics for video marketing speak for themselves. If you’ve been toying around with the thought of comprising more video content into your marketing strategy, look no further. The following tips will assist you to incorporate video effectively and make sure you ascertain positive results.

How to incorporate animated video into your marketing strategy 

Provide a virtual tour of your office or facility to the audience

Virtual tours of your product portfolio, facility, or office could give your partners and consumers an excellent insight into the brand they’re purchasing from or servicing. It’ll help to build up genuine relationships, trust, and knowledge of your brand. 

Showing what you’re capable of or if your location plays a big role in your USP as a brand, animated video can emphatically demonstrate this in a fascinating way.

These animated videos could work great internally, suppose your company has relocated or administered a revamp at your office/headquarters, specifically from a safety & health perspective. You could show all of your employees at once and provide them with an expedition of the new location.

Product information/demonstration videos

If you are trying to promote and boost up sales of a specific service or product, whether it’s an intricate animation or real-life reviews of the product, both could be incredible converters.

Before buying a service or product, a user might come to your website looking for instructions or examples for what they’re purchasing. This is where you require harnessing the facility of animated video to promote, explain or highlight your service or product in an enticing and entertaining way.

Exhibit behind the scenes

Presenting scenes broadcast of what goes on in your organization asserts openness and transparency. Even getting your employees implicated with fun tasks or interviews could provide your audience an opportunity to understand the image of people behind the brand and help to put faces to the names. This will be immensely powerful.

Reutilize existing animated video into macro-content

Another significant way of comprising animated video into your marketing strategy is to reutilize existing videos into quite smaller snippets for social media. Not only does this give you a profound explainer video, but it also provides you remarkably more content so that you could break it down and heed to particular areas.

Video testimonials

If the audience is on the cusp of purchasing a service or product or simply needs that extra enthusiasm to do so, an animated video is a striking call to action driver. Each day you believe your peers far more than you’d trust an organization you don’t know.

Therefore, why not support your existing customer base to assist new potential customers with proof of how your service or product ameliorated them. The foremost common sorts of testimonials are video & written testimonials. 

Animated video testimonials add on that extra layer of personality and persuasiveness, permitting your audience to ascertain the reality and voice tone, making it the proper way out to go if you require to induce your audience to make a start.

Animated video is thriving like crazy; hence it’ll be sensible to comprise it as quickly as possible. The onlookers are primed and all ready for the great unique content from you. It’s high time to offer the people what they truly want form content. 


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