Bible Movies For The Passion Of Christ

Ever wonder what you would find in the latest bible movies? Some of these movies are very life-changing, while others are quite silly. But regardless of how silly some of these movies are, they are still very uplifting. 

Here are the best ones:

Finding Nemo: 

One of the best movies you’ll ever see is Finding Nemo. This is a great example of how a child’s love for the fish and the environment can also draw him to a new set of beliefs. The main character, a clownfish, struggles with his desire to be accepted by his father and his new surroundings. The whole theme of a clownfish being rejected by society is based in the story of creation. God created us and He wants us to enjoy His creation. For those who don’t believe this story, they will never understand what the importance of having a sense of spirituality can be.


The first four chapters of this newest bible movies take place almost entirely in the ark. Noah is the father of the children born out of the ark. He is very concerned about their safety and the fact that one of the daughters is pregnant. He makes every effort to do the right thing. While some people might question his motives, the logic behind his actions makes a lot of sense. This is a story that everyone should see because it’s so beautiful.

The Blind Side: 

This movie depicts a young man’s struggle to deal with his disability. Blindsided by his own abilities, he must learn to re-learn what it means to have faith in God. The Blind Side features Michael Karr as the young man with a disability who is able to play football and get good grades. Because of his condition, he often finds himself on the wrong side of the law. People sometimes question his sincerity because of his physical limitations. However, he shows great faith in God as he perseveres throughout this film.

The Counseling: 

When a young man drowns in a swimming pool, his parents are understandably frantic. They do not have the money to just give him the money to go to rehab, but they need to try to help him before he loses his life. As the counselor, David A. Paterson, tries to help the boy, he finds out that he might have another life if he only knew how to have faith in God. This movie provides the same message for teenagers and people of all ages. It might seem a little far-fetched to include bible stories in faith-based movies, but these movies make a point to show the importance of knowing and trusting God.

The Passion Play: 

In this movie, a young man named Gabriel comes across as very manipulative and is determined to get his needs met. He goes up to a female teacher and seduces her, but she does not fall for him and he runs off with her ring. She then tells her friends, who in turn tell their gossipy friends. This eventually develops into a big story and the Passion Play has received praises from both Christian and non-Christian viewers alike.

The Last Supper: 

While the story is taken from the Bible, most movie critics said it was a weak story telling attempt that lacked substance. However, this particular movie did receive praise from many Christian viewers. The movie begins with the story of Jesus Christ eating bread with His disciples and then breaking the bread. The movie then shows us Christ teaching His disciples about His life and teaching the Word. The story telling style was criticized by some Christians as being spiritual, but the movie did end on a positive note.

It is unclear whether or not The Passion of the Christ will receive any Oscar nominations. Most of the movie watchers are saying that it is still an excellent movie, but there is a possibility that The Last Supper could win an Oscar. The movie watchers also say that while the story telling was weak, it was entertaining and had very good symbolism. Based on the trailers and the reviews, The Passion of the Christ should stand up to any Oscar Award scrutiny.

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