How to Install HP Printers on Mac Operating System?

HP is a name by which we all are familiar; HP is becoming one of the fabulous brands for serving quality products to their customer. It provides us different types of equipment which is somehow related to computers.

Let be talk about printers; the printer is the basic and requirement for every home, office and business users.  It makes our life easier and simpler. Printer works by printing your document or files in a paper or as we say your files are converted from hard copy to soft copy or soft to hard copy, as it also works as a scanner.

Nowadays, HP serves various models of printers including wired to wireless. Sometimes during the time of installation of the printer, some MAC users are facing the problem. As we are aware of Mac and Windows operating system, both are different, and Windows operating system is easy processor instead of Mac. So here we are discussing the whole and complete procedure of installing the printer to your Mac operating system. We have mentioned the steps of both the printers,

  • HP Wired Printers
  • HP Wireless Printers

Although the steps are easy to follow and understand, if still, you are facing any problem in installing the printer with Mac, then you can also contact the HP Printer Customer support. The team of HP is available 24*7 to support you.

Steps to Install HP Wired Printer on Mac Operating System:

The steps given is very simple and easily followed by the users. To avoid trouble, you need to follow the steps in a given sequence which saves your time and efforts also. The steps are given below-

  1. Update your Mac operating system.
  2. Place your printer near to your computer so that that cable can reach without facing any trouble.
  3. Then, Turn on your printer,  by Pressing the printer’s power button.
  4. Your HP printer has to be plugging into a power socket or wall socket.
  5. By using a USB cable plug the printer cable into your computer
  6. If your Mac operating system does not have a customary USB port, then you will need to purchase a USB cable to USB adapter for your Mac.
  7. Then, Click on the Install button and follow the onscreen prompts.
  8. If your printer is compatible with your Mac operating system, it will likely to install on your computer in a few minutes.
  9. Then, you need to click on the Download & Install button on a pop-up notification window to complete the installation
  10. Once this process is completed, then your printer is ready to use on your Mac operating system.

Now. Your printer is successfully installed on your Mac. But if you need steps for your wireless printer then need not to worry steps are given below.

Steps to Install HP Wireless Printer on Mac Operating system:

  1. Check your printer’s network connections.
  2. Your printers must be connected to an Internet connection.
  3. Set your Mac operating system location that can get your wireless signal.
  4. Then, Turn on your printer.
  5. Your printer has to plug into a power
  6. Check the manual carefully of your printer for some specific network setup instructions guide.
  7. Some of the HP printers need to be connected directly to your Mac Computer.
  8. If your printer supports the wireless networks, then you need to use the menu interface on the printer.
  9. Choose the options for connection.  Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  10. Then, Open the Apple Menu option, display on the top-left corner of the Mac screen.
  11. Then, Click on the System Preferences option.
  12. Now, Click on the Printers & Scanners option.
  13. You can connect with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth printers
  14. Click on the +
  15. If your printer connected with the network, then the name will appear in the panel which is on the left side of the window.
  16. Click on your printer’s name.
  17. If the printer’s name doesn’t appear on the screen, then make sure you’re using the same network as the printer.
  18. You might need to click on the printer’s “Pair” button if the printer is connecting via Bluetooth.

After completing the aforementioned procedure, you will be able to install the printer on your Mac operating system. But while completing the steps if you need any technical support from the team of HP then you can contact the HP Printer Customer Support. The experts of HP are certified professionals and available 24*7 to assist you. For quick assistance, dial the toll-free number of HP printer customer support.


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