How to Avoid and Recognize you from Online Phishing

How to Avoid and Recognize you from Online Phishing
Written by Pooja Sharma

These days online phishing is spreading a lot and people are becoming a victim of this online phishing and allowing their computers to get compromised by the hackers. Before moving forward it is important to know what exactly phishing means for “Phishing is nothing but a fraudulent attempt to get access of sensitive data secretly.” This sensitive data can be your email id, your passwords, any credentials which you are using electronically and your credit card details. According to one the trustworthy resource the survey has done and they found that the amount of over five Billion US Dollars has been impacted due to this online Phishing. At very first the term Phishing has been introduced and described in year 1987.

Malicious Software is the most frequent weapons to do online phishing. These malware used to get into the computer secretly with some applications and new software which you install or may be with some free utilities. The word Phishing is taken from the work fishing due to the similarity of using an attractive prey in order to catch the victim. According to the report provided by Verizon the 30% of phishing scams are only happened due to emails. These phishing scam emails are opened by the targeted users and 12 % out of these 30% users used to open the link and attachments by clicking on it without knowing that these links and attachments are basically malicious files intentionally injected in an email. And moreover 95% of these cyber attacks for targeted users are successfully driven as they used to send attracted offers, links and attachments to targeted user and they becomes the victims as planned and this is how phishing works.

Apart from the Emails there are other ways as well to do the phishing successfully like webmaster and via websites built in WordPress. The goal is to collect credentials of WordPress website such as username, password, admin credentials, database access. By doing this their main aim is to make it infective and make it blacklisted by sending bulk or spam emails and make it blacklisted from the searches. The one more reason is to target WordPress website is to get the database of these kinds of vulnerable websites and to sell this data further to hackers to spread the virus or to test new definitions to make harmful attempts to compromise the computers and related devices.

There are few more phishing techniques are available and have been using effectively for years. Some of them are given below:
1. Spear Phishing
2. Clone Phishing
3. Whailing
4. Link Manipulation
5. Filter Evasion
6. Website Forgery
7. Convert Redirect
8. Social Engineering
9. Voice Phishing
10. SMS Phishing

These all above are phishing techniques which are frequently using by the hacker they also do phishing to forward to webpage looks like banks legitimate website and then opens up a popup to take bank credentials to misuse it afterwards.

To avoid all these above phishing techniques and malware you must have to purchase and install good antivirus security or anti-malware software. We recommend here to purchase AVAST internet security as this is the best anti-malware technique which is award winning as well. If you are not that tech savvy and do not know how to install antivirus then you can call at Avast phone number and get help from their technicians.

At last but not the least it is also very important to know if your computer is a victim of phishing or not. You can recognise this by few symptoms like if you are getting email from your account then please do not ignore it as it can be serious and you can be a victim of phishing. Make sure you need to check the spelling of your account and serious action needs to be taken. For security reason just deletes or closes the account and never click on any attachment or link. After doing this primarily actions you have to call AVAST Customer Service Number and install AVAST Antivirus software to protect your computer.

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