How Do You Save Yourself From Buying Fake Holden Parts?

Wherever you see, you get fake products in every industry that you can think of. You talk about mobile phone accessories, lifestyle, makeup, or the automobile industry; duplicates are everywhere. The manufacturers of these counterfeit products sell them at a much lower price. Therefore, many people are okay with using them. 

One of the most popular and trusted automobile companies to date is Holden. They have been the leading in the industry for so many years that people prefer its auto parts. You can not recognise fake Holden parts relatively easily. You will have to learn some essential tips that can help you in differentiating between an authentic and a fake product. So, this post covers up some crucial points that you must always keep in mind before buying any automobile products. 

Counterfeit of an Automobile Product

All leading brands that manufacture auto parts have specific guidelines that they have to abide by. These guidelines express concern towards the quality of the products, their size, and their dimensions. When you come across counterfeit parts of any spare automobile product, there will be a lack of quality as they do not follow the strict industry guidelines. 

Why Should You Not Buy Fraudulent Auto Parts?

If you indulge in buying fake auto parts, you will only increase the risk that it can cause to your vehicle and your life. The consequences of purchasing counterfeit products are not at all good. They may lead to the following results, 

  1. Brake failure 
  2. Engine failure
  3. Reduce control due to lack of wheel rigidity
  4. Can break fire in any vehicle due to improper wiring or loose fittings
  5. Compromise the quality of the vehicle structure
  6. The vehicle will look dull and roughly handled
  7. Can cause windshield related problems
  8. And even lead to brutal accidents due to lack of control. 

How Do You Identify an Original Product in the Market?

If you are buying a product from the official site of the manufacturing company, you are assured of getting genuine products. However, when you buy from different source websites, you need to identify which is accurate and authorised by the origin company. Here are some simple tips on how you can recognise an original product.

  • Check the Hologram 

All authentic products come with the hologram of the manufacturer. The hologram is printed on the product itself. So, you can easily find a hologram on the product; such products are not counterfeit. 

  • Check the QR Code

Nowadays, all original products come with a QR code attached to them, and hence, it is helpful for customers to scan the QR to identify whether the product is authentic or not. 

  • Check the Product’s Serial Number

Every product has a specific serial number. The serial number of original products will follow a series. Therefore, you can use the serial number of the product to trace it. 

You can always find authorised dealers of parent companies that have assured products. Instead of searching for products in the local market, you can always search for online platforms that are fully registered and licensed. 

Before you buy Holden parts from any random platform, make sure you do a thorough background check by checking out the company’s reputation, ratings, and reviews. It will help you to judge and make a wise decision accordingly. 


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