How Can You Search Messages in Yahoo! Mail?

Yahoo is one such email client which carries so many extraordinary features that are sufficient to force the users to use this email client. One such feature of Yahoo allows its users to look for emails in a convenient way. Sometimes it is possible that you have read something important but you have forgotten now which email contained that message. If you are a Yahoo user, you are fortunate enough as it provides you the option to search for any mail you want to check. You can also take the required help for this purpose through Yahoo Support Number.

To find mail in the Yahoo email client, the following steps will be helpful:

  • Firstly, enter your query into the Search box which is given at the top.
  • You can also choose a folder to search using the menu that is shown in front of the search box.
  • Click on ‘Enter’ or click on ‘Search Mail’ to proceed.

To search in Yahoo mail summary, given steps need to be followed:

  • First, you have to type the required term in the search space provided to you.
  • After this click on ‘Search Mail’ to get the results.
  • You can also use the senders, folders, dates and other options to filter the search results.

If you encountered any sort of difficulty in applying the procedure, make a direct call at the Yahoo Help Number to acquire technical help.

You can also add special operators with the search terms to get more filtered results:

  1. From: you can enter email addresses and names in the ‘From’ field to search the required email.
  2. You can also use quotation marks to search for a full name related to the desired email.
  3. Subject: in the ‘Subject’ field you can search for words or phrases.
  4. If you want to search for two terms in the Subject, you have to use two “subject” operators.
  5. To: cc: bcc:,- you can also search in the Cc: and Bcc: fields to look for the email recipients.
  6. has an attachment — you can use it to search for the messages that contain attachments.
  7. has an image — you can use this to search for messages that include images.
  8. before: —  use this will let you see the messages with a date before the given date, specified as “YYYY/MM/DD”.
  9. after: — using this will show you the messages with a date later than the given date.

So next time you are in a dilemma how to look for a mail-in Yahoo, you can use the methods explained above. If you are facing any issues while looking for a particular email, you can connect with our team of technicians through Yahoo Customer Service Number. The tech support team keeps working round the clock and can be contacted anytime whenever you encounter any difficulty with Yahoo. We ensure you to serve with the best technical solutions using our technical expertise.


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