How can a Jukebox Hire in Sydney Increase your Pub’s Profits

Written by Laurie Hekeik

According to Music Works for You, 73% of bars, pubs and clubs agree that playing music increases sales or results. Indeed, playing music will increase the dwell time of the customer as well as entice those customers to spend more money.

Here are some reasons as to why music is significant for increasing your Pub’s profits –

1. Customers Demand Music in Pub

Customers visit pubs to unwind their stress and relish some good moments. Music plays a great role in calming down their stress. A research conducted by PRS for Music states that 56% of bars/pubs and clubs tend to lose a day’s trade, if they stop playing music for their customers. This portrays the significance of playing music in Pub, which makes Jukebox Hire in Sydney a vital one.

2. Customers tend to drink more if loud music is played

It is a well-known fact that a perfect ambience with apt lighting and sound forms a better place for drinking. Research studies conducted by Professor Nicolas Gueguen on the customer drinking habits have stated that louder music volumes directly induce the customers to drink more.

Similarly, psychologist Dr Lorenzo Stafford states that, loud music creates the delusion of making the taste of alcohol sweeter. As humans naturally crave for sweet things, they will take in more alcohol in the loud environment.

3. Increases the productivity of staff

Music is not just for your customers, it could positively influence your staff too. Everyone wants to work in a positive environment. Making use of appropriate music in pubs will naturally increase the productivity of the employees working there.

Ultimately music enhances the mood for the staff and customers, means, pubs could witness a positive increase in their profits if they play loud music.

Here are some basic things that you need to keep in mind if you are looking to hire a jukebox for your pub:

– Every jukebox is different and you need to realise that only the better jukebox will make more money. So choose a quality Jukebox, it might cost more, but it will make you more money.

– Your jukebox must be up to date. A digital jukebox hire can yield a lot of income with new releases and latest hits.

– Ensure that the settings of the background music are apt. The trick here lies in the hands of your jukebox operator, he can align the background settings appropriately and ensure that the customers who pay for their music are happy.

– Set the volumes correctly if your pub has multiple rooms. Use only quality speakers.

Jukebox Hire in Sydney provides the best jukeboxes in Sydney for almost a decade now. They provide jukeboxes at a reasonable rent. They will amicably take care of the music while you entertain the guests at the pub. They not only promise an installation at reasonable rates, but also guarantee a demo at your venue, before the installation of the device.

The author successfully runs a pub in Sydney. She loves sharing her studies through her blog. In this article she writes on how a Jukebox Hire Sydney enhances the profits of the pub. Visit for more details.

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