Home Improvements That Can Hurt Your Home’s Value in Calgary Real Estate

Home improvements are expected to make your home good for you and your family. Drive-up that ideal Calgary Home value in Calgary real estate. 

However, what everyone doesn’t know is that some home improvements can make your home less alluring to potential buyers. 

And in time, it could be hard to sell. If you are a homeowner, you may think it’s a wise choice to make a home improvement. Consider the following home upgrades.

Improvement Is Not Always Good

Some home improvements are not always a green flag in the real estate market. Some can hurt your home’s value even if it does look good in your point of view as a homeowner. Here are the top home improvements that can affect your home’s value when the time comes of selling your home:

  • Changing Bedrooms Into Something New

Homebuyers love to be picky in bedrooms. Changing your bedrooms into something else such as studios or home offices only reduces the number of bedrooms in your house. 

Doing this change limits people that can occupy the home and reduces the chance of homebuyers getting enticed in the property. 

When you change a bedroom into something else, homeowners should be able to ensure that bedrooms can still be used as bedrooms once it is used by someone who chooses to move in.

  • Combining Bedrooms

Eliminating a wall between two bedrooms to create a large room is another way of reducing your home’s value. And removing another bedroom that can be occupied for many if someone else moves in. 

If a homeowner chose to have a large room, they would add one in their home, rather than yanking down a wall and combining two rooms.

  • Textured Walls

Having a textured wall only makes painting difficult. And it’s a top choice for homebuyers to have an aesthetic one rather than a wall texture. 

Avoid choosing textured walls. Many homeowners are better of with painting stripes or other patterns on their walls. It is easily covered up when the time comes.

  • Bright Colours on Walls and Floors

Kladeiscopic and bold colours may look appealing at first. However, potential buyers might not have the same taste in design as you do. 

While selling your home is a stressful time, painting the room before putting it up for sale will help buyers envision their style. Choose neutral colours to give them an empty canvas on which they can create what’s uniquely theirs.

  • Low-Qual Paints

When you want your home to look its best, the paint job must be high quality. Chipped or streaky paints will turn some buyers away from buying, which can save money in future re-paint jobs if done yearly enough times.

Prove You Had It Good

You can always see what your house would look like with a new coat of paint or flooring. You might even consider making some changes to the landscaping around it. But, before you do that, you have to ask yourself:

“Do you want your house to look better for when it is sold in Calgary real estate? Or do the improvements focus on how people will feel about living in this space?”

When the return on investment does not pencil out, it is usually due to low market value. That means these projects would not help you make up your net loss from an economic standpoint and should be passed up as potential resale values go down in price over time.

The key to selling your house is making sure it looks its best and having a great real estate agent from Greater Property Group. Contact them today and get the best assistance on selling your home.

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