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Basmati Rice has been stimulating the splendor of India for centuries. It is the first choice of Indians for cooking at any traditional and conventional occasion. Moreover, Basmati Rice is very popular for its use in Middle-Eastern Cuisine, the name Basmati has also taken from the Persian’s tongue. Basmati Rice is conjectured to have been harvesting on the Indian Landmass for ages. India holds over 70% part of International Basmati Rice markets. Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh are some Indian states where the Basmati Rice has been grown abundantly. International countries also acknowledge the caliber of Indian Basmati Rice.


India is the topmost exporters of Basmati Rice in International Markets and there are numerous varieties of Basmati Rice, India has produced. Basmati 386, Basmati 217, and Pusa Basmati 1121 are some of the prominent varieties of Basmati Rice produced by India. Pusa Basmati 1121 is the premium long grain type of Basmati Rice. It is spreading over 1000 hectare of the area in Himachal Pradesh. Punjab has produced 84 percent of Pusa Basmati 1121 to its total production of Basmati Rice; Haryana, Uttrakhand, and Jammu & Kashmir are also in this list. Ranbir Basmati, Basmati 370, Pusa Basmati-1 are some other types of Long Grain Rice available in Indian Markets.


International Markets are the lifelines of a country; the balance of trade impersonates a predominant part in the prosperity of a particular nation. The effect of India in International Markets is hugely meaningful to the agricultural sector. India had carried the 10th place in the global food and agricultural exports in 2011. Indian Basmati Rice is one of the major trading products from India. The constant growth in harvesting, and accessibility of moderate supply, and increasing need for Basmati Rice in International Markets has helped India to become a successful Basmati Rice exporter.


There is no hesitation to call India, The Best Basmati Rice Exporter and Producer. Nowadays, lots of Indian Basmati brands are touching the sky of the glory and competing in the race to be on top of the Basmati Rice Brands. AMIRA, established in 1915, has the widest range of The Best Indian Basmati Rice to its customers who are searching for the best and healthy Basmati Rice. AMIRA’s Basmati arrives directly from the sloppy hills of Himalayas to your plate with more than a year of aging to enhance the flavor and storing life of the Basmati Rice. The farmers who grow the Basmati for AMIRA follows the complete and proper procedure of cultivation and farming. That’s why AMIRA stands at the top of Indian Basmati Rice brands. Every bite of its premium basmati rice always hit the nerve of your childhood memories. AMIRA offers you a broad reach of products like Brown Basmati, Thai Jasmine, Indian Basmati, Pure Basmati and Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice. These all types of Basmati Rice are available in different prices varies with the sizes, 1kg, 5kg and 10kg of the pack. The package of Best Premium Basmati Rice 5kg is a budget friendly choice. All varieties are available online.

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