From Customer Service Rep to Making $1.2-Million Annually HOW Elijah Sommerz did it!

Today’s Article will be a brief observation into the career of Elijah sommerz.

Dating back to 2013  Mr sommerz started his professional career as a talent manager but has further embarked on new ventures such as being a full time active real estate portfolio location investor through the course of his career he has formulated success in its meaning as an entrepreneur and modern-day Talent Manager.

Career options:  

Modern Canadian Entrepreneur, Businessman, Songwriter, Rapper Web-Tech software engineer

Elijah sommerz has come a far away from sleeping in cold court cells to being a primary Real Estate Portfolio Location Investor from Toronto Ontario and globally, his high rise condominium window view is a living testament to benchmark his success, Elijah sommerz tells us that he once dreamed that he could be fortunate enough to live a higher standard of life being he that he came from a poverty background/household in Toronto, and also his previous run-ins with the law.

Entrepreneurial ventures:

Robert Vernon is the head Talent Director of  Jstone Management Group & co since 2016 –present and is also the co-founder of an upcoming music distributor called 2019 –Present –to date is music a distribution platform that is to be launched late fall 2020 to such is, an umbrella company for his portfolio of businesses In addition to music publishing platform.

 Current ventures:

         Talent Director of  J stone Management Group & co since 201

Online Streaming Corporation called Worldwide Entertainment TV (WWETV->2016-present

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