Electric Piano: A Buyer’s Guide

Are you planning to buy a digital piano finally? If yes, then this article is for you.

A digital or electric piano is more ergonomic than a traditional one. They are also quite versatile and allow you to play around with different sound types. Hence, buying the electric variant is probably the best decision to enhance your musical journey.

However, it is necessary to research before making such a significant investment. And in this article, you will get to know the things you must consider before buying and other essential details. So, buckle down, and let’s begin without any delay.

Difference Between Electric and Acoustic Piano

Both of these pianos are different from each other in many aspects. For instance, acoustic piano wraps hammers and steel strings in a wooden covering. And there is a connection between the keys and the hammers. So when a key is pressed, the hammer strikes the strings, making them vibrate and produce the music.

On the other hand, electric speakers produce sound electrically rather than with any physical movement. As a result, when you press a key on the electric variant, high-quality sounds are made through the electronic speakers.

Acoustic ones certainly produce better sound, but the digital or electric counterpart is more versatile. Hence, you can produce sounds of multiple instruments effortlessly using your digital piano.

Things to Consider Before Buying Digital Piano

Buying an electric piano is a big decision and indeed a significant investment. So, it is crucial to buy after doing a bit of research. And here are a few things that you must check beforehand:

Sensitivity and Key Response

Key sensitivity and response are two of the most important factors to consider before buying a digital piano. If the sensitivity isn’t proper, then you would neither enjoy playing the piano nor would it produce a melodious sound.

Sound Quality

A piano without a good sound quality is a waste of money. Hence, you must play the piano at least once and see if you are satisfied with the sound it produces.


The speakers are your electronic piano’s primary sound output, and you’ll most certainly be using them when you play. As a result, you make sure that they are of good quality and loud enough to meet your requirements.


Polyphony basically describes the number of notes you can play simultaneously without notes being cut-off early. Hence, if you want to play your piano without the limitation of certain notes cutting off early, you must ensure polyphony.

Build Material

The quality and durability of your piano are directly proportional to the quality of the material used. Additionally, musicians usually consider pianos as a one-time investment, so don’t compromise on the quality.  


If you need a piano for your house, you can conveniently get a heavy-weight digital piano based on the available space. But, if you need to travel with your keyboard, though, you should get a portable model.


Pianos are available in wide price ranges. So, it is better to have a budget or a spending limit in mind if you don’t want to regret it later.


Ensure to check the reviews of the model you are willing to buy beforehand. It will help you in getting acquainted with the pros and cons of the model.

Pianos are an excellent musical instrument that can calm anyone’s soul. And with its digital variant available, you can enjoy the sound of several instruments. As such, now that you know what things you must consider before buying one, start shopping soon!

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