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Effective Ways to Burn Fat Faster

Written by kiaranelson

Burning fat is a common concern amongst dieters.  While many people think starvation and fewer calories is the key to body fitness, restricting food can kill metabolism and slow down burning of fat. To avoid all this, it is better that you try other ways which will help you in losing weight.  Here are some of the best ways that can help you in achieving your weight loss goals by burning fast faster.

  1. Steer Clear of Starvation

Cortisol is a hormone related to stress. It is responsible for storing fat in the body. If you deprive your body of food, calories start dropping. This causes stress to the cortisol thereby leading to excessive weight gain.

  1. Eat Spicy Food

Capsaicin, a substance present in peppers and chillies is known to help in boosting metabolism. Adding at least a tablespoon of green or red peppers in your food can help in boosting your nervous system there causing an increase in metabolism. Sprinkle chilli flakes on your food or include it in your sauces to burn extra fat.

  1. Get More Sleep

Going to bed slightly early or sleeping a little extra can help in fat burning. There is a direct association between losing weight and sleeping for longer than 7 hours.  Studies have suggested that those who sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours will lose weight better than those who sleep for 6 hours.

  1. Eat Whole Superfoods

Eating raw superfoods can help in promoting weight loss to a large extent. Weight loss meals that include these foods are known to accelerate weight loss, boost metabolism, release fat and eliminate toxins. Some of these superfoods include Quinoa, Lentils, and Black Beans, kelp, kale, Chickpeas, chicken brown rice, and almonds.

  1. Use Vinegar to Lose Weight

Vinegar is a well known as a fat cutting agent. Apart from helping you lose weight, it helps in keeping your heart healthy, controlling blood sugar and increasing the intake of vinegar. Consumption of 1-2 tablespoon of vinegar especially apple cider vinegar is known to reduce belly fat in 8-12 weeks approximately.

  1. Increase Your Iron Intake

Iron is a necessary mineral which supports many bodily functions. A deficiency in iron causes weight gain, fatigue, shortness of breath and weakness. A recent study has revealed that women who were treated for iron deficiency experienced a reduction in body mass index, body weight, and waist circumference. Therefore, it is necessary that you include foods like poultry, green vegetables, dried fruits and beans in your diet.

  1. Get Some Fiber

Fiber is another great way to burn more fat than ever. It helps in making you feel satiated for a longer time than usual.   High fiber foods include Fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds are a few examples of high-fiber foods that can boost fat burning and weight loss.

  1. Eat Watermelon

Watermelon is a rich source of arginine which is known to assist in healthy weight loss. This source of the amino acid, when added to the food, causes fat and glucose to oxidize. Therefore, snacking on watermelon and other sources of arginine can possibly lead to weight loss.

  1. Do more Cardio

Increasing your cardio helps in effective weight management. Cardio is known to reduce belly fat, increase muscle mass and decrease body fat and waist circumference. It is said that aerobic exercises 20- 40 minutes a day can help you in losing a good amount of weight. Running, swimming, cycling and walking are a few examples of cardio exercises which help in burning fat that results in weight loss

  1. Eat Smaller Meals

Eating smaller meals will help in supplying your body with nutrients that are required for burning fat and building muscle. Eat smaller meals at least 6 times a day to increase your metabolic rate. Your body does not go into the starvation mode as well which happens when there is too much gap between meals. When there is starvation, the body starts burning muscle for energy and causes an increase in body fat stores.

Overall, following the above-mentioned tips will help you in losing more fat usual! Instead of just getting depressed, it is better that you handle your weight loss woes using the right ways and techniques.

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