Current Scrap Prices Trend in India

Written by Guna seelan

In the recycling industry, scrap prices are the significant measure for scrap metal collectors and operators to make optimal decisions. If you are new to the recycling or scrap industry, you may find that most of the scrap yard will not post scrap prices online, and even if they do, there is often a disclaimer that states prices can change at any time. As a scrap buyer or seller, you should be familiar with the changing scrap prices to make wise decisions.

The Reasons for Changing Scrap Prices

There are different reasons that impact current India scrap price to change.

Market Price

Based on different factors such as market rate, quality, quantity and purity, scrap commodities constantly fluctuate just like the stock market.

Scrap Demand

The scrap prices vary depending on the rate of production in industries like construction, electronics, and technology.

Time of Year

Seasons greatly affect industries such as construction, electronics, and technology that can be directly related to supply and demand.

Tips to Keep Track of Scrap Prices


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Use a Spread Sheet

Maintaining a spread sheet is a good option to keep track of the history of India scrap prices. Updating the price details in a spread sheet helps you to see the pattern of the prices throughout the year to get a better idea of what to expect in different seasons and economic conditions.

Follow Daily Updates

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