Choosing an Outdoor Fire Bowl: Top Things to Consider and Benefits

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During the frosty winter months, spending quality time in your backyard becomes less desirable, especially when the option of snuggling by the fire inside with a cup of hot chocolate presents itself. But spending time outdoors in the summer is a different story. Fire bowls and outdoor fire pits offer a summer outdoor solution to indoor fireplaces. They not only provide ambience and warmth, but also offer a place where you can enjoy the company of your close ones even during the cooler evenings of summer and fall. Even into the cooler seasons (in colder countries like Canada), these fire bowls can be used when arranging informal outdoor parties with small gatherings. (Information credit:

Nowadays, there are many companies that offer outdoor fire bowls of different designs, with a slightly outdoorsy nature. As a result, choosing the right model with the right design can be an arduous job at times. Therefore, before you go shopping for an outdoor fire pit for your home’s backyard, you need to keep some significantly important factors in mind and evaluate the available models accordingly. In this article, you would find out these decisive factors along with some irrefutable advantages of fire pit installation.

Factors to Consider While Choosing an Outdoor Fire Bowl:

  1. The Architecture of Your Backyard: The architecture of your backyard is the first thing that you need to take into account because depending on this parameter the design, size, and position of the fire bowl would change considerably. Also you would need to consider which spot would be the safest to place the bowl so that unwanted fire hazards can be avoided.
  2. The Style and Design: The style and design of the fire bowl has to be examined thoroughly in order to ensure the efficiency of the product as well as to maintain the natural aesthetic appeal of your backyard. There are several different variants of fire bowls available with multiple levels and functions. You have to explore as many options as possible before making your final decision.
  3. Choosing the Appropriate Fuel: For different bowls, different kinds of fuels are used including wood-burning, natural gas, propane, etc. The advantage of using natural gas or propane as fuel is that it leaves no ashes to clean and requires less maintenance. Also, the amount of smoke emitted has to be considered for obvious health and environmental reasons.
  4. Safety Regulations: To ensure safety, you need to redecorate your backyard a little by keeping any kind of inflammable substance away from the pit. Also, the material used for making the fire bowl has to be considered to determine its efficiency along with safety level.
  5. Additional Accessories and Convenience: Nowadays, you would find several unique new models with ancillary features like button to turn off the fire any time you want. Before you make your choice, you must give a significant amount of deliberation to this factor as well.
  6. Cost: Finally, you would need to consider the cost of the product you are choosing. In case of a fire bowl, there are usually two costs involved – the initial buying cost and the maintenance cost. The maintenance cost would vastly depend on the material of the product along with its functionality. Hence, you must choose a model that is affordable in both aspects.

Benefits of Using Outdoor Fire Bowls:

The multifarious benefits provided by outdoor fire bowls include:

  1. Ambiance: A perfectly positioned fire bowl would not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your backyard but would also create an appropriate milieu for gatherings.
  2. Protection from Cooler Temperatures: If you were thinking about spending some time with your family and friends just outside your room (as in the backyard), these fire bowls would protect you from the dropping temperatures and create a perfect atmosphere to spend some quality time.
  3. Convenience: These fire bowls are very convenient to use. Natural gas fire pits do not produce any smoke or ashes. As a result, they are fairly easy to clean and maintain. Also, most of these fire bowls can be turned on and off with the use of one simple button. Hence, the homeowner does not have to go through any unnecessary hassle while using this product.

To sum up, with the right selection of an outdoor fire bowl, you can transform those cooler summer/fall evenings into enjoyable ones with a convivial company.

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