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What is Data Science?

Data Science is considered to be a combination of various algorithms, tools and machine learning to achieve the goal of discovering hidden patterns from its raw data. Data Science is something that is an improved method or a newer version that does what statistics does to find a more detailed solution to the problem. It is a branch of science that basically employs principles and techniques that reconnect with various fields such as statistics, computer programming, IT, mathematics and more. It is said that this is the future of AI. It has evolved in 50 years time, although it is not a new profession.

Why should you choose Data Science?

According to a data scientist, the growing analytical market every day needs about 1,90,000 analytical professionals to deal with exploding data in different verticals. By the way, well-known companies like Oracle, Google, IBM and Microsoft are looking for skilled and certified data analysts to hire a lot of data analysts.

What is the Average Salary Scale For A Data Scientist?

The average salary scale of a data scientist in the field of data scientist is about 7 lakh per year to 40 lakh per year, depending on how skilled and how much experience he has. The more experience and skills, the higher the salary a person gets.

About Data Science Training Course in Noida

Data Science Training Course in Noida

Data Science Training Course in Noida

APTRON training is designed in such a way that it will help you to become a great data scientist / business analyst by imparting creative skills and knowledge about the course. During the course, students can progress through the major stages of data visualization at their own pace. The course covers all the necessary concepts that are required to move the entire Data Science pipeline. It offers the concept of data management, data analytics and statistics from basic models to complex models and statistical programming languages ​​like R and Python, which cover the basics of programming, classification of data, mugging of data, regression, reading Data, visualization, modern machine learning, clustering of data and more. It also tends to help students to focus on data preparation techniques and graphic editing. It gives a foundation that one needs best. The Data Science curriculum is suited for professionals as well as beginners.

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