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Pedestrian Access Control

The turnstile is indicated to control pedestrian access in areas with high traffic of people. It is ideal as a control barrier for places where you want to regulate the flow of people in entry and exit operations. It is perfectly compatible and integrable with all our devices’ access control, depending on the application.

The access turnstiles are highly reliable electromechanical mechanisms, built with the highest technology considering that they will be subjected to the harshest conditions of use and wear. The robustness of all its components ensures failure-free operation with minimal maintenance performed by our technicians. In its manufacture and design, ergonomic conditions and hydraulic elements are taken into account that facilitate use for the elderly, pregnant women, children, and people with disabilities.


  • Buildings with a high flow of people,
  • Stadiums,
  • Sports areas,
  • Railway, sea, and underground stations.

Our turnstiles, or access turnstiles, are an electromechanical system that, combined with our devices and adequate management software, becomes an excellent access control system. We are improving security, reducing costs, saving on extra personnel for surveillance generating a fast and effective authentication of each person.

Security gates

GCTL has the most advanced technology for automatic doors. Security doors, or sliding doors, work through different electromechanical systems: Sliders, electromagnets, electric corner pieces, sensors, and arms for swing doors. In general, it is possible to automate most access control doors to obtain greater security and savings. We carry out designs and solutions for new and existing installations, always thinking about the best solution for our clients. They are also fully integrable with devices access control to obtain a complete system.


  • Adjustment of the opening speed.
  • Smooth and quiet operation using an easy-to-program digital microprocessor.
  • Designed for continuous operation.
  • Opening without touching the doors.
  • Presence and motion detection.
  • Solutions for a variety of environments and dimensions.
  • Full compliance with all construction standards and regulations.


  • Malls,
  • Supermarkets,
  • Office buildings,
  • Facades for residential complexes and buildings.

Video intercom

The video intercom is an excellent solution for verifying before giving access permission to the visitor. Verification of the person is carried out, communication is established, and once the person is authorized, the door is opened remotely.


  • Video and audio for greater security.
  • Savings in payments to unnecessary guards.
  • Exterior panel with a color camera, auto lighting for night vision, and voice synthesis.
  • Auto power on and primary / secondary camera selection.
  • Aesthetic and elegant design.


  • Residential buildings,
  • Office buildings,
  • Offices,
  • Bodegas.

Contactless pedestrian access control solution

COVID-19 has brought us a new way of living. We must continue with our daily activities being cautious and taking all the necessary measures to mitigate and avoid contagion. Pedestrian entrances are a significant source of contagion. Access is generally made with a fingerprint or proximity cards where people tend to contact the access surface and the card.

Next, we present our solution pedestrian access control without contact, where an entrance is made without touching any surface or approaching someone.

The solution is designed with electromechanical equipment such as entry/exit barriers and readers with facial recognition Time Attendance as a system access control. We also integrate visitor registration solutions with a mobile application with a QR code by registering before the visit to minimize contact with guards or receptionists.

Description of the solutions

As an entrance and exit barrier, we present the automatic corridor solutions and automatic sliding doors, either of which can be combined with solutions such as access control contactless as Face Recognition, Mobile or Badge Fingerprint Recognition Contactless.

The automatic gateways were designed to increase the agility in the entrance/exit. The people and likewise avoid the contact of the hands with any surface or tripod of a traditional turnstile.

Facial Recognition System

Our facial recognition systems have artificial intelligence technology to detect the face, measure body temperature, and verify the use of masks. Allow entry through automatic hallways or automatic doors or deny access and then send an immediate notification to the staff in charge. These systems of facial recognition help that people and do not have to touch any surface to perform proper access control.

The non-contact fingerprint recognition system

Carry out access control using the fingerprint should generally be located in the biometric making contact with the surface, now with a biometric fingerprint where you only pass your hand without making any contact. We can use the fingerprints again for authentication, but it is unnecessary to contact the computer.

Automatic doors + contactless access control systems

The automatic pedestrian doors have always been a good choice for access to a building or places where such entries are required, and they are high traffic and speed of gradual opening. Generally, they are integrated with biometric fingerprints or card readers of proximity. Still, now it is necessary to integrate with devices such contactless access control as facial recognition, mobile credentials, contactless finger recognition, and QR codes for visitors.

Automatic doors control access, maximizing security and helping to minimize the risk of contagion.

Visitor registration through QR code and Mobile APP

The registration of visitors in office buildings is one of the most strenuous processes for the installation. The identity of the person must be valid and the authorization verified by the official requesting entry. 

As a solution, we present our mobile App for visitor registration. Later an authorization arrives for the visitor generating a QR code. In this way, once the visitor comes to the building, they only have to present the QR code in the readers installed in the automatic corridors and thus make an entry without making contact with surfaces or personnel in charge.

Application Scenarios

  • Universities / Colleges
  • Airports
  • Ground transportation terminals
  • Massive transport
  • Factories
  • Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Embassies

In general, an application scenario can be an entrance to a place where contactless access control is required; in this way, we mitigate the risk of contagion.

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