6 Biggest Plumbing Myths, Busted!

When plumbing problems arise, a lot of homeowners worry and consider it as an emergency plumbing situation. But when these different plumbing problems are not visible, we often set them aside and care less about our plumbing systems at home.

But the bigger concern is when homeowners think that plumbing problems should not be taken seriously as they are passing problems that can be solved by any plumbing D-I-Y techniques.

Well, that may not be true. A lot of people mistake plumbing problems as issues that can be taken care of easily even without the help of professional plumbers. Some of them even believe in common plumbing myths that prevent them from seeking help from the plumbers.

Several arguments say anyone can be a plumber. Some say plumbing is easy and does not need the help of experts. The major truth is: you may be able to fix some minor plumbing problems with a few knowhow techniques and D-I-Y methods, but you cannot deny the fact that only professional plumbers can handle plumbing problems with the ability to provide the proper solution to the plumbing issue.

As we go over this article, we are going to learn more about the different plumbing myths that most people believe until today.

Here are some of those plumbing myths that still exist even today:

  • If water goes down and the drain is working, everything is in good condition.

This is one of the common plumbing myths that people falsely believe. Just because the water goes down in your drain does not mean that there is no problem. A functioning drain may not indicate that there is an issue somewhere but it is good to remember that it does not always go with the way you believe it does. Troubles may always be inches and meters away from you, so pay attention to your drain if there could be a sign of a plumbing problem. Also, always take note that solid and hard objects must not go down the drain to prevent serious problems.

  • When a faucet leaks, it’s no big deal.

Some people don’t give enough attention to faucets leaking. But a leaky faucet can be a sign that there is a plumbing problem happening in your plumbing system. Leaky faucets don’t only hike up your water bills at home, but it could also cause molds which could also lead to rust if not taken care of immediately. IF you notice that there is a continuous flow of water from the faucet, do not sit around and wait until it gets worse. If you have little or no idea and background of D-I-Y methods to tackle the problem, calling a professional plumber is the best option. Do something in advance before you regret not doing something and believing that it could cause no big problem in the future.

  • “Flushable” Objects

This myth is a common cause of why plumbing problems usually surface. We are often fooled by some items with a “flushable” label. Do not believe in such a myth. Flushing solid items like wipes and sanitary pads can cause clog in the toilet and can accumulate and may create a lump in the sewer system composed of non-biodegradable items and materials. Keep it in mind that nothing must go down the toilet other than human and body wastes especially those non-biodegradable items. If it’s not your waste or a toilet paper, then avoid flushing it down the toilet.

  • Most Plumbing Problems can be solved with D-I-Y Techniques

This myth could be the worst myth in the plumbing world. A lot of people think that plumbing jobs can be easily carried out if they follow do-it-yourself methods they often saw online or through magazines. That is not true. People who believed in this myth always end up calling the plumbers after the situation gets worse. Do not fall for this myth. Remember that there are plumbers who can do the job professionally and more accurately than the D-I-Y methods you see. There are some tasks that may be performed by non-professionals but most plumbing repair and replacement jobs should better be left to those who can do the right thing to do. Always ask and consult a professional and trustworthy plumber before engaging yourself in the process. It’ll save you some money and some guts!

  • All Plumbers are The Same

Plumbers must not be categorized as one. Just because they are all plumbers, they can fall into the same basket. Plumbers don’t have the same skillset and ability. Some can make a better judgment and can provide you longer-lasting solutions, while some don’t. Many people fall in the impression that all plumbers work the same and provide identical results. The best thing to do is to find a reputable plumbing service provider, and one who can give a sound judgment and a better solution for your plumbing problems. It does matter who you call, so make sure you do your part in research to get yourself a plumber that you deserve.

  • Lemons are good cleaners for the garbage disposal

Lemons should only be for lemonade and not for freshening up your garbage disposal. The acid that comes from the lemon wears down the metal surface. It might be true that lemons emit a good scent which could lessen the odor, but do not mistake it for a cleaning agent because it is not! Instead of placing a lemon on your garbage disposal, use warm water with soap and a brush to wash the dirt away.

Now you must have felt betrayed because all your life, you have been tricked by these myths and its okay.

But it is never too late to change your way of living. Instead of keeping yourself stuck from the past mistakes, take the step to move out from these myths that are false. Start doing the right thing and remember to always do your part and stay informed! Seek out for the truth and break away from the chains of myths that have kept you tied for a long time! Start consulting a trusted and qualified plumbing service provider to improve your learnings and broaden your field of view! Think about the next time you encounter a plumbing problem and do not hesitate to call the experts!


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