5 Lead Generation Strategies for Startups

As a Startup, you are new in business and with less experience, you are looking for your prospects. Starting from zero seems difficult. Then startup starts looking for customers by randomly targeting anyone from the population and these prospects waste a lot of energy resources and time as they have a very minor chance of conversion to become customers.

All these factors are very scarce for a startup when every plan is to work with as low a budget as possible. Along with these issues Startups might be facing other issues such as shorter deadlines, overburdened staff, less experience. I have also seen startups where their leader has very little experience with marketing and logistics management.

If given the right direction all of the above problems can be solved with the right direction of sources.

5 Lead Generation Strategies for Startups

Here are the following five Lead Generation Strategies which have worked for startups in working efficiently. Lead generation

1. Your product is not for everyone

Yes, you might be thinking that everyone from the population can be targeted. This doesn’t work and only lead to disappointments. The product or service your startup is associated with the need to find the right target. Research and find the segment that might be best for your product or service.

When your startup offers something different it will automatically help in attracting more clients by referrals or word of mouth.

For example, Medicine for Asthma patients is useless for the part of the population that is not suffering from the problem. It is essential to find someone who is looking for a solution that your product or service is providing.

2. Distinguish your Startup from others

You must find a niche for your startup as it will help in the right targeting and will automatically attract the prospects that are interested in your product. This helps in marketing and making your product stand apart from the others. This will also lead to brand name establishment.

A startup must set a niche for their product uniqueness, quality, packaging, availability etc.

For Example, Apple products are advertised with safety, quality, privacy and promising latest technology for performance. These features set them apart from the others.

3. Use the latest Digital tools

The digital world can help you to reach out to the right prospects efficiently. You can use certain keywords for your product advertisement that will help in making the conversion and your business will grow at a rapid rate.

Always use marketing mix techniques while advertising online this helps in creating a brand image in the mind of the customers. Last but not least always try to make ads better. Every social media, E-mail and advertisement on the internet can help you to reach the right prospects. With a targeted audience, your expenditure will decrease which will also lead to efficiently managed marketing expenditure.

4. Feedback and surveys

It might feel unnecessary at the starting but at starting feedback is the most important part. This creates a positive viewpoint for your startup in the mind of the customer. If the feedback process is implemented efficient designed manner, it can help the company to target the important sections.

Feedback can be collected by various means such as telephonic, email forms, google forms, visiting customers. Nowadays including live chat is also becoming helpful in getting new leads.

5. Making an easy call to action and landing pages:

When you are advertising products by your startup online with the help of a catchy website, advertisement, emails, Adverts etc.

Landing pages must provide the right information with a detailed description, delivery time, dimensions, warranty, post-sale service, contact no, email address etc. All this information will help in increasing your customers.


Strategies can be made with the help of discounts, offers or membership benefits to the new and existing customers which can lead to an increase in sales.

I will sum up everything with a note that you can make your startup set ahead of others by selecting the right techniques. Make sure that you are updated with the latest technologies for effective operations. Ignorance is not bliss for startups who try to look and work on every aspect of growth.


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