5 Best Musical Instruments for Kids to Learn in Beginning

Written by Abbie Samuel

Music is considered an essential part of one’s life as it touches our souls. Music is not only beneficial for elders but also beneficial for kids as well. A baby starts identifies every sound after some weeks. Even he started to identify differences between he parents voice and other sounds. And like these sounds, he also identifies the sound of music, different rhythms, and beats of music. Music helps to enhance a child’s natural ability to understand different sounds and words. Similarly learning to play a musical instrument also has so many benefits for the child. Music is about expressing the emotions and about communication.  Learning to play an instrument improves your child sensory development, social skills, problems solving skills and also have other positive aspects on a child growth. So whatever if you want that your child will grow just like a creative kid then figure out the best musical instruments that they love to play. You may listen about music instruments store such as muzikkon as one of the leading stores in Ireland. You should visit a trusted instrumental store and select the music tolls according to your requirements.

Choosing the best musical instrument for the kid in beginning is the most fundamental element. In the guide given below explain the best musical instruments for your kids that might help you in choosing your child favorite instrument.

Piano/ Keyboard

Learning Piano as a beginner is a good idea as it is the basis of music. And there is no doubt that piano is one the best musical instruments for kids to learn in beginning. It is a very clear instrument to learn in beginning. Instead of learning the beats of piano for several numbers of counts you should identify each note with word one by one. Most of the musician recommend piano to beginner kids before learning any other musical instrument.


The guitar is one of the most popular instrument used nearly every music all around the world. It’s the best instrument for a kid to learn at first. It’s not only creating the melodious sound but also versatile. The Melodious sound of the guitar is created by plucking the strings with fingers. By playing guitar will help them to expand their creativity and makes them feel relax.  The kids will not learn how to play music or how to hold a guitar but also their creative muscles to explore new songs. Therefore guitar is considered as a therapeutic instrument.

The Flute

Flutes are fairly easy to learn, more flexible and easy to carry. Now the easiest woodwind to pick up is the recorder. The flute is also most melodious and famous instrument like others. After learning flutes their create an excellent bridge to learn other musical instruments. Your kids will definitely learn to play it and upgrade their learning to learn other flute instruments such as G-flute, C-flute etc.

instruments for kids

The Violin

The violin is a musical instrument that has been cherishing from the 16th century.  The violin is definitely a sharp twist in learning musical instruments than the other instruments. Being played violin it requires accuracy as some tricks which makes it very tricky to learn it for beginners. If your kid understands all the initial stages to play this tricky musical instrument then they will definitely able to understand the complex interchanges between fingerings and harmonies.


For the parents that want their kid can play the instrument in her early age, then maracas are the best instrument to start. Because maracas are one of the easiest instrument to learn and use for toddlers. Playing maracas is beneficial for kids because it helps to develop the large motor skills. And later on, maracas can help children’s to open the door for other musical instruments.



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