What is the significance of grip in squash racket?

Written by adibitar

Squash sport is the one which keeps you fit and increases the stamina to a lot of extents. Every squash enthusiast has a different strategy for playing. It will not be wrong to say that every player has own style of playing the game. There are different ways to improve your squash sport and reach new heights in the game. Well, the foremost part is to consider about selecting the best squash accessories like head squash rackets and best squash balls for playing the game. The necessary role of the grip is that it enables higher adaptability and better playing. Let’s check out the importance of grip in squash racket.

#1 You must know the range of shots: Lob shot and drop shot:

The primary difficulty people have with grip is that people keep holding it so that racket is close. It implies that racket face is either of the 2: horizontal or downwards. The grip of racket must make sure that racket face is slight upwards that is also known as “open” racket face. Another problem arises when player strives to play diversified shots in the game. A lousy grip must never cease you to deliver better straight shots in play. The most challenging shot for players having wrong grips is to provide the lob shot. In such a shot, it is tough to lift the ball when the racket faces flat or just downwards. If a player uses squash racket of closed racket face, it is tough to get accurate drop shot because the ball will move downwards when a player hits it. A player using such a racket face would get just the ball when it is higher on the bounce for keeping away from hitting the ball down. We offer different brands of squash shoes and best squash rackets at Hutkay that you can choose as per your budget and preference.

#2 Mistakes and attributes:

Another method to enhance squash sport is about quality and errors in playing. If you play with the lousy grip, there are chances you will make mistakes when playing the drop shot in the game. When racket face is close, the player will have to fight for attaining a better standard of length on a regular basis, mainly from back corners of the game. If racket face is just too close, it will cause the angle of shot downwards. The grip you select must always offer you with different alternatives and not limit to just performing one thing with your squash ball.

Summing Up:

So, above mentioned are the two importance of grip in squash racket. It is highly recommended to change the grip of your squash racket from time to time to improve playing squash sport and turn professional player. You can also buy top brands of squash clothing as per your preference and budget.



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