top 1 Brushless DC Pump factory in China

Brushless DC Pump
Written by jackblance

VOVYO Technology Co., Ltd. is a Hi-tech Company specializing in the research,manufacture and
sale of BLDC Motor and Brushless DC Pump, including BLDC Motor ,Brushless DC Pump, BLDC Pump,Solar DC Pump,Mini DC Pump, Submersible DC Pump, etc.
The company has a very strong R&D ability, including Brushless DC Motors and Brushless Dc Pumps professional experts,
a trained young team and long-term cooperation with Mechanical School of Central South University.
VOVYO represents the vision of company: Share our technology and services. Driven by the vision and years’ hard work, VOVYO products have widely
applied in fountain, automotive cooling system, arts and crafts, plumbing mattresses, irrigation
and other equipments, and entered into South Korea ,India,American, EU and other markets.

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